Lots of sweet stories contained in Prague

Lots of sweet stories contained in Prague.
 Straromestske namesti (Old City Circle), around the old town is really a lot of objects that we can enjoy and take pictures. Until someone said that the camera should just stay and enjoy the town praha hotel. True enough, because a lot of things we can take the picture to make sure to enjoy it. But since we were there a long time, so pretty much we enjoy and photos that we took.

Among Dum u Minuty (home minuta), Kostel P.Maria pred. Tynem (Teyn Church). The church is a pity we could not see before him directly because the circumference of the building. The entrance is the first time we could not see, but just want to come see you and it turns out we were late. We can enter the church without having to pay, from the outside I look good in it all. If the evening we take a nice picture.

Sv. Mikulase (Nikolaus Church), the Church is the first church built before the church of the same name which is situated opposite the river (Mala Strana).

January Huss Monument, a memorial monument will reform the Protestant churches by Jan Huss. Hence no such thing Hussite reform.

Staromestska radnice (old town hall). Under the leadership of Johann von Luxemburg residents of the old city in the year 14's got the right to build a town hall. Due to lack of funds then bought an old building which now we can see the results of repair and construction. Improvements last successful after the end of the second world war. The most interesting part of the building is filled with tourists is the astronomical clock. Each one-hour in the open it will ring with two small windows and turn several small sculptures. We come too stay close to that time, a lot of tourists who scramble place to find the best position to see it. It turned out a little disappointing because the figure or statue is not turning out just open the windows and turn on the course.

Obenic dum (town hall), in the building we can find a great space for music concerts or theater, cafe and restaurant. Underneath is a bustling restaurant is also in for a special visit both countries czech beer production.

Prasna brana (Powder Gate), the entrance to the tower to ring the old city of Prague is the only guard towers in those days, when the old city of Prague is established strongholds.

Clementinum, surrounding area there are several buildings that were formerly set up as a place of learning the followers of Christ. We see there is building in use as a national library, the state library for engineering and language slawis.

All around this old town we can also find some interesting buildings that very much and will be very long if at perjelaskan one by one. And a lot of the works of art contained in each building.

Josefov (Josef City), The city is a regional Jewish population. There we will find the old Jewish cemetery (Stary Zidovsky), we got confused, it is very interesting place for tourists to go see it and just have to pay.Pinkasova Synagoga and Klausensynagoga, this is the church of the Jews.

Rudolfinum, building was in use as a concert venue and gallery and Kaffe. Like a lot of buildings in use for a concert in the city of Prague dech.

Vaclavske namesti (The Wenzel), In this area we can see the Statue of holy Wenzel, Narodni muzeum (national museum). In front of the museum, we can also find a memorial cross to commemorate January Pallach. Czech youth died by burning himself, the protest inclusion of Russia in Prague. On both sides of this place we can find some hotels. One of them is the Grand Hotel Europe is one of the most beautiful buildings in this place. Not only that we can also find one of the statues that are in one of the buildings in this place is an interesting Palac Koruna.

Mustek (city center), Along the way, we can find the stores or shopping centers as well as places to shop in one building we can also find the metro station and supermarket.
Other points of interest that we find a walk mengelilini city of Prague is the Goethe Institut, U-Fleku (Restaurant which is famous Czech brewery.

Divadlo Narodni (National Theather), Slovansky ostrov (Slawen island), Tancici dum (house dance) - This very interesting building like he was dancing.

Statni opera (the state opera house), house is built in the style of German Theater neorenaissance as new. Inside filled with ornaments of gold and velvet.
Nearby are the main train station. Funnily enough the first time we thought it was a train station located in the city that is the main train station, we consider the map fits really really is another station. Apparently the first thing we saw was just a small train station hehehe ...

Transportation,From Prague to his hometown airfield can we take a bus and metro. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines and in counter or on a direct bus but the price is a bit more expensive.

Ticket price 20 CZK for 75 minutes on weekdays, 90 minutes on a holiday.80 CZK for 24 hours. Tickets need to be on the stamp. We take the bus no. 100 and Metro Line B.Maps can we take in a bookstore or at the hotel free of charge.
Lodging in the city of Prague,
The first time I thought to stay at hostels for backpackers it was not too cheap. We found a tiny lodger who was in office building so that the price is within our reach. May even be said is cheaper than the place where the backpacker. We stay at the pension (small lodger place) located in the city center. We stayed at the Pension Unie for 3 nights for 3.196 CZK. Bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and a balcony. We can also eat breakfast of bread and butter that has been provided in the kitchen along with toasternya.

Ochya to note a walk around the city of Prague this:- We must be careful pencopetnya aplenty, especially when the tourist season.
- If you change money you should really count correctly, because they like the trick. Although you change money at the airport in the bank, still they are trying to deceive us. I just got a lie, too, thankfully not great. First he lied to me also money exchange when going back home to Germany. After I saw the bill I said, was my money that I did not change this bit. Then she said the right thing. I told yach where else I lie, he kept saying yach already. He love me some more, but still less than 2 dollars * aja tuh person basis. (* Because my rate of return in dollars).


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