Long Explanation About Mirrorless Camera,Answer!!

Long Explanation About mirrorless camera
I often read about mirrorless cameras but do not quite understand about this camera. Please explain?

(Brian Sanjaya)


Mirrorless camera or camera without the mirror first introduced around 2008 and has attracted the attention of lovers of photography. In general, what distinguishes a DSLR camera with mirrorless cameras is how to display the image in the viewfinder.

To bring up the image in the viewfinder, DSLR cameras use a mirror (mirror) which requires a space in the camera so that the size of the camera to be great.

As with the mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless cameras have negate the mirror so as to save the size and weight of the camera became lighter. So how does a mirrorless camera conjures images in the viewfinder?

Instead, to show the picture in the viewfinder, there mirrorless camera that uses an electronic viewfinder system, there is also the use of a hybrid viewfinder that can switch from the optical viewfinder to the electronic viewfinder.

Mirrorless camera has its own charm, namely:

- The relative size smaller, compact and lighter than a DSLR.
- The size of the middle class DSLR sensor equivalent.
- The lens can be changed.

With the above advantages, mirrorless cameras be an attractive option, especially DSLR cameras appear to approach the middle class, but for the class of professional DSLR cameras still superior.

We have had a lot of mirrorless cameras issued various manufacturers, such as:

- Fujifilm X
- Nikon 1
- Pentax Q and K
- Leica M
- Micro Four-Third: OMD and Olympus PEN
- Micro four third: Panasonic G
- Samsung NX
- Sony NEX
- Canon EOS M

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