Shooting Tips with Window Lighting Techniques

Shooting Tips with Window Lighting Techniques
Greetings, my name Anga, one of my students from universities in Navan. I want to ask how to get the perfect photo indoors without using flash?

In this case I want to shoot an indoor model with the concept, but I only have a Canon 550D and Tamron 70-300mm lens. Please guidance, thanks.



Technique of photographing indoors without using a flash is called "Window Lighting". As the name implies, only light source coming from the window. If done carefully, this technique can produce very natural.
For optimal results, there are several steps that must be done. Change the camera exposure mode to Speed
​​Priority, and define the following:

- Shutter Speed: To anticipate or one camera and a shake, use a minimum speed of 1/30 sec when using a tripod, or 1/100 sec if the handheld.

- Diaphragm: Use a large aperture (small number such as f / 4 - f/5.6) to produce softer skintones.

- ISO: If conditions are too dark or not overtaken speed, increase the ISO. Know, too, that potentially raises too high ISO noise.

Tips for shooting with window lighting:

- Lighting: Take advantage of the light from the window, position the model so that the light coming from the side so that the image more dimension.

- Reflector: Use Styrofoam or something white as a reflector to bounce light into the shadows that are too dark.

- Editing: No less importantly, maximize the photo shoot with Photo Editor program, such as Photoshop, Lightroom or Photoshop software built from the camera.


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