List of Visa-Free Countries for Indonesian Passport Holders

List of Visa-Free Countries for Indonesian Passport Holders. Two days later there is a friend a link on a social network. The contents of the memorandum of understanding with the government of Indonesia - Turkey, where he said the people of both countries exempted from visas when going on holiday or visiting in a certain period.

Certainly Thursday enang hear positive news like this. Turkey is one of the favorite tourist destinations of the Germans. And this country has long been in the list of places we wanted to visit. Especially at certain times there are tempting offers cheap tickets to get there. But if you think still need to take care of visas etc, wish there had had to be postponed to-retreat. Hopefully, this memorandum is realized immediately.
List of Visa-Free Countries for Indonesian Passport Holders.

Well, in one of the comments, there are unexpectedly gave a link to wikipedia. On the list of countries that can be visited without a visa or with a Visa on Arrival (VoA). I need this information for a long time. Although not really look. Thankfully there is now a given.


Initially we know little country that did not ask for visas for citizens of Indonesia. ASEAN countries, Hong Kong, Macau, Morocco, Peru and Colombia. In addition to this wikipedia list contains the names of countries, as well as visit duration.


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