List of Traditional European Markets Unique

List of Traditional European Markets Unique.At the time through the streets of European cities, sometimes by accident we found the market. In Germany alone, we have never found a market that is physically similar in the homeland. That there is a market specific day in a specific place that the seller is usually farmers or ranchers directly. They sell vegetables, fruits, fresh flowers, meat, eggs, cheese and other foodstuffs. Usually housed in the grounds or city center.
Well, in some countries in Southern and Eastern Europe such as Greece, Hungary, Spain, and Portugal, we found it. The shape is similar to the traditional markets in Indonesia. Although the conditions are very much different. Especially the neatness and cleanliness issues.
In Athens, the traditional markets located in a large complex. The main one is located at Jalan seem Ommonia. Here, traders seem to be grouped according to the type of merchandise. Each group occupies a particular complex. There pejual complex household items made of plastic, there are complex hawkers vending other household needs, specific complexes seller of vegetables, meat, fish, and flowers. We were through there a while ago, just pay attention to glimpse a very crowded market mood in the morning proficiency level. In every complex looks very clean. Merchants selling goods in small kiosks and large. Some are only using a small table. In the complex there are fish and meat sellers unique views. In addition to those in charge of selling the newsstand, it appears in front of each stall one more person whose job it is to find customers. She screamed offer merchandise. As well as serving customers who seem to just want to ask about the items being sold. Unique.
In Budapest, we inadvertently fall into a large complex of buildings market. From the outside it did not look like the market. More like a big hall. Especially not too visible man frenzied. Consists of several floors, this market has a lot of great doors. The floor looks clean and menghilat. There also smell odors odor. Although we go to the butcher. Downstairs, the place seems stalls selling groceries. Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and dried grocer looks to dominate. Piles of dried red peppers, souvenirs typical of Hungary seemed to hang in piles at the many stalls.
In Barcelona, ​​we deliberately go see the mood of the market, Mercat de la Boqueria. It is located very close to the illustrious La Ramblas. Also located in a large hall, the market there is a beautiful market. It's funny, yes with this beautiful market terms. Although crowded and congested buyers and sellers, this market does not look dirty and chaotic. Fruits-vegetables, fruit juices farrago neatly in kiosk retailer. Their colors are also very vibrant. Fresh eyes. Smoked pork leg, souvenirs typical of Spain also hang in many places. Complex sellers fish and other marine looks very crowded. We come to jostle while salivating imagining delicious grilled fish and shrimp. The price is very expensive if dirupiahkan. And the buyer can use their own credit card to buy the fish. Wonderful, is not it?


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