List of The Most Attractive To Visited in Germany

List of The Most Attractive To Visited in Germany. Speaking of interesting places in the country, of course, countless. Sightseeing here includes a lot of things, according to the desire and pleasure of the visitors. For those who like shopping, maybe get into these cities. Who like adventure and traveled nature can listen to this one. If you want to learn the history of the city's old town, also can choose among the many towns and villages of the middle ages. To the coast can also, especially in the summer.

But for those who want around Germany and not have a clue where he is going, it might be useful piece of information. The places below are the most interesting, beautiful, the most visited and usually become mandatory menu of foreign tourists in the country. Every place has its own uniqueness. And most of us have visited.
List of The Most Attractive To Visited in Germany, I like it.

1. BerlinIs the capital of reunited Germany has a long history and interesting to observe. This is the city with the largest population in the country (approximately 3 million). The remains of the Berlin Wall, Potsdamer Platz, Branderburger Tor, Check Point Charlie, Reichstaggebaüde (House of Representatives) is an almost always full of tourists. Many monuments and 170 museums can be visited. The small town nearby, Potsdam has wonderful gardening magnificent castles. Shoppers can select boutiques in KaDeWe or KuDamm.

2. HamburgIn addition to the largest port city in Germany, Hamburg city center is also famous for its passage-passage like the malls that although not large but had the luxury shops in it. Many German artists live here. Famous boutiques also adorn the main street of town. Do not forget to photograph the magnificent city hall.

3. CologneThe city is famous for its giant old church. The layout of the church (Dome) is right next to the main station. Sehingag is easily achieved. When you happen to have the time to drop by half an hour, it can be used to photograph the Dome. Remnants of the old town in the city of more than 2000 years old and can be seen in some places. Form of gate-gerabng ancient stone. Lots of interesting museums here. Chocolate museum, cultural museum, museum of the remaining Nazi documents, and so on. In summer, it can get very crowded city feels. If the fit is here around mid-February, the tourists can come to see a carnival atmosphere along with millions of other visitors.

4. DresdenCompared to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich, Dresden is much smaller. But do not lose it. even earned the nickname as the city's most beautiful Baroque cities in the country. Magnificent palaces, old buildings look very well groomed. Ease back, in Dresden turisnya not as dense in the big cities. Very comfortable walking around here. Not far from Dresden, there is one other interesting cities namely Leipzig.

5. HeidelbergMany called Heidelberg as the most romantic city in Germany. , Not far from Frankfurt am Main. The most famous of the remaining old buildings of ancient palaces and bridges in the bag Neckar River, old town and the oldest university in the country.

6. Munchen 

If you hear the name of the state capital of Bavaria or Bayern this, maybe some of us would immediately think of the name of the most famous football clubs here, Bayern Munchen. In fact, Munich is not only famous for its football club. There Oktoberfest, the biggest public markets, visited no less than 5 million people every tahunnnya. Held every late September to mid-October. Lovers of the technique can be a lot to learn in the Deutsche Museum. If you want to go enjoy the old town and beautiful buildings can be done while photographing the magnificent town hall belongs to Munchen.

7. NeuschwansteinWant to look like in a fairy tale castle? Neuschwanstein near Fussen town at the foot of the Alps is the most fitting. Beautiful Standing on a hill, with sebuh rivers and lakes below, Neuschwanstein beauty indescribable taste. Millions of people also enjoy its beauty every year. Palace mascot also inspired by Disneyland Paris here.

8. BodenseeThis is the largest lake in Germany. People also know as Lake Constance. In addition to the breadth of its size, in addition to Germany, the lake is directly adjacent to the Switzerland and Austria. Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world is not far from the eastern boundary Bodensee. Banyao the ferry ride around the lake. Or stop by the Flower Island (Island of Mainau) beautiful in the Bodensee.

Roving to interesting places this can be done easily by train. A week is enough. If you get off at Frankfurt could probably take the route Frankfurt - Cologne - Hamburg - Berlin - Dresden - Munich - Neuschwanstein - Bodensee - Heidelberg - Frankfurt.


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