Life, No Other Is A Journey So let Traveled

Life, No Other Is A Journey So let Traveled
 "Live in the world as a traveler" (Hadith Bukhari)

From a visit to the mosque in the town where we lived yesterday, family travelers bring presents a booklet hadiths. When flipping through the pages, eyes immediately caught Mother above hadith. Description of the hadith is really impressive. So eager to translate.


All things in the world is cyclical, growth, and change. Almost nothing is eternal. Winter is always changing. Sometimes the flowers are blooming in the trees, and then everything withered, dried, fall. Cause the trees no longer look lovely, until spring comes again.


All in this world is change. Also people did not escape from the process of change. Born as a baby who can not do anything, is growing day by day. Then he's a mature and experienced the "bloom like a flower", self-contained, so that a man who takes pertolonganlagi in old age. Life is much shorter than the human shadow. If an adult thinking back, it will feel short life. Just like when we berüikir in the afternoon, what we do in the morning and afternoon, it was time to move very quickly.


And as spring comes after winter, then so also death is followed by life thereafter. That the present is where we prepare ourselves for life thereafter. The only chance we had, even. Hence, it is important to not overly concern themselves with worldly affairs, for God only entrusts the time is now to be best utilized.


The phrase "live like a traveler" is also very striking here. For a traveler knows that the time will come when he must stop wandering, to go, to leave everything behind.


Hopefully both families always remember this lesson. God willing.


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