Let Adventure and Picnic in Wremen

Let Adventure and Picnic in Wremen.
 Many roads lead to Rome. Many also means we enjoy a walk cheap.
Rather than visit the mall so tend to spend more money, we tend to choose other places to refresh the soul and mind. Places that can be visited with a cheap or even free, such as parks, harbors, lakes or beaches. The latter often do when we still lived in Bremerhaven, near the east coast of Germany.
Initially, if you want a shower near the beach, we always come to the small town of Cuxhaven fire an hour train ride from Bremerhaven. There baths of white sandy beaches. If you have to spend here, though not much.
Later, we found a cheaper alternative for beach tourism, namely to Wremen. Approximately 20 miles from Bremerhaven. We found while biking there. In Wremen There is also a white sandy beach, although not along the coast Duene in Cuxhaven. The cost of entry is also cheaper. Although we never stopped to pay coastal areas. We prefer the area free. Approximately kilo meters from the beach pay.

Since it is free, this area is poorly maintained. There is no white sand. If the tide is low, basically like mud. It fits on the beach is great as a foundation stone retaining waves. Do not compare to the beaches in the country. The beach here is far less clear.

Although looking unkempt, here can be used as a picnic spot. Normally we cycled carrying beach tent. Food supplies must never forget. If there are other people with the same aim, we chose to install a tent some distance from them.

When cycling, approximately we go in an hour. Passing through the port of loading and unloading the car and the countryside. Then there is the route through the corn fields and wind farms. Also cattle. So it's no wonder the streets sometimes filled with cow dung as our bikes across.

If you want berenenag, we must first check on the website when high tides. Because if the water receded, pickles might go swimming there. Most fun when the weather is warm on a holiday at a time when the water begins to tide and there friends to join. Picnic plus bathing in the sea would be a success, deh. :)


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