Learning About the Netherlands in Rotterdam

Learning About the Netherlands in Rotterdam. Initially when the Rotterdam early April is to see a show Kampung Indonesia. We think the show in Rotterdam. There happened to be a friend that another course in this port city. Hey, Kampung Indonesia Event at The Hague. Tired of driving hours from home here, You're not going to having to Den Haag. We decided to walk in circles in this city.

We wanted to park the vehicle and the streets of downtown. Apparently, the cost of parking there is very expensive. The count in minutes. It makes us just visit mosques, shopping, and circling the city. Photographing Rotterdam part of the vehicle we were riding. After seeing the Mevlana Mosque and dhuhur in Essalam, we move toward an oriental store. It is in Parkhaven.
Learning About the Netherlands in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands, as well as the city with the largest port in Europe. Starting as a dam on the River rotte, Rotterdam grew as a major business center in the world. A brilliant and multi-cultural city. Famous for its university (Erasmus University), unique architectures, a strong maritime culture. The essence of Rotterdam is a port of a giant. One of the busiest ports in the world. From 1962 to 2004, Rotterdam is the largest port in the world, before the crown was won by Shanghai.

We once watched a documentary about the construction of large dams to protect harbor known as the most advanced technology ever created man. Unfortunately, a close look yet accomplished and the.

Back to Parkhaven, we mean oriental store turned out to be in a ship Chinese architecture. In it there is also a restaurant. His mother initially did not realize that was on the ship. His mother thought he was a building built on a river bag. But after tasting shake when shopping, we feel that we are not in a building on the land. Fill oriental store is not too special. Similar to other stores in Maastricht. But there we met up with two mothers Indonesian people who have long lived in Rotterdam. Know we do not have a clear goal, Miss Eva, a mother kindly invites us to his house.

At his house, we were treated to lots of food. Alhamdulillah. We got a new friend in town. We swapped stories about a lot of things. On the political Netherlands and Germany today. The life of Muslims in the Netherlands, and many more. That evening we were invited to recite along with several other Indonesian people at a Muslim school in the center of Rotterdam. Once thickened feels a sense of camaraderie of new friends. Though we only met them once. Until almost midnight, we got a splash of science, eating and chatting again with more people. Then they did we were ushered up to meet my friend, and we stay in the heart of Rotterdam. The roads this time, although not many places we visit and tour our view, truly memorable thanks to a meeting with the noble people.


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