Labeled Halal Food in Western Europe Doner Kebab

Labeled Halal food in Western Europe Doner Kebab. To Europe, especially Western Europe, there was no need to be too dizzy to think of food. Food shops Turkish and Arabic provide a variety of kosher food. One is the Doner Kebab. Or more easily referred to as the doner only. These foods include cheap, filling, and usually halal.

In countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Austria, doner sellers can be found in almost every corner of the street. In the major cities and tourist destinations, especially. In Italy, a tavern tucked between two trattoria, pizzeria and pasta sellers. In Copenhagen and Zurich also we see one or two stores. Only in Eastern Europe, namely in cities such as Budapest, Bratislava and Prague, the food we found was rather rare. But if you are observant, there is also a small shop or a restaurant-shop among large restaurant.
Labeled Halal food in Western Europe Doner Kebab, You should try it pal.

A serving of doner, usually consisting of bread similar to a burger with a larger version, or a piece fladenbrot (pillow bread), stuffed with vegetables (salad leaves, cucumber, tomatoes and onions), yogurt sauce, and meat kebabs (meat, poultry, beef or goat). Kebab itself is a pile of marinated meat that ibakar. Then sliced ​​very thin. The price is different in each country. In Germany, generally sell for between 2 to 5 euros. In Amsterdam, Zurich and Copenhagen minimum price is 5 to 6 euros. In Venezia, Strasburg and Bratislava, as well as about 3-4 euro's. It's cheaper than a burger at a fast-food franchise shop.

Usually if it passes in a kebab shop that halal labeling, we did not hesitate to stop by. If in doubt, used to ask us immediately. The sellers are usually people of Arab or Turkish are usually quite willing to provide information. If not halal many will tell. Be careful, there are not halal kebab version. It looked like a doner, but comes from the Greek. Gyros name. Some shops sell doner kebab once Gyros. It's a question about halal status.

Doner is also one of the foods that we buy frequently during the trip. Doner Germany usually had jumbo servings. Fill lots of vegetables and meat. The sauce can choose between zaziki sauce (yogurt) sauce plain or another. If you like spicy chili peppers live plus. Yum .. yum .. In Amsterdam, the size is almost the same as the German doner, but it costs 2 to 3 times. In Strasburg, tarzan His mother never spoke with doner sellers. Goat meat content is still too overpowering smells. Fun, we got a discount because they were both Muslims. Alhamdulillah ... Doner Venezia different again. Vegetables and meat it looks efficient. However, there is a mixture of soft cheese mozarela on the tongue. Making sense donernya unforgettable. So if we go to Europe, do not forget to taste this one, huh ....


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