Korean Car Manufacturer Kia Soul Magnificent Change Appearance So More Luxury

Korean car manufacturer Kia Soul Magnificent Change Appearance So more Luxury

 KIA, Korean car manufacturer, presenting the latest looks Soul. When seen from the data, there is an increase in the specification, design the cabin, and additional propulsion systems.

The latest model mini SUV has a choice of 1.6-liter engine gasoline engine with a power 140 hp and a diesel version that produces 128 hp. For the European market, the machines will be paired with a choice of 6-speed manual transmission and automatic. In addition EcoDynamic package that includes start-stop technology and management alternator will cut waste CO2 emissions to 125 grams per km for diesel and 139 g per km petrol.


Changes to the exterior look including prolonged nose from 4.120mm to 15mm. In addition, the design of air intake is wider and the foglamps whose shape is rather large so as to create different looks.


In fact, now using the rim diameter of 18 inches so it looks more handsome and trendy. Similarly, lever door handles and side mirrors. Just as the New Sportage, Soul uses LED daylight lamps. Light LED cluster on the front and rear is only available to the highest variance. While changes to the rear bumper looks in inset panels and relocation foglamp.


Changing cabin space on the center console, circular-type LCD heater controls and application of new materials in some sectors. For the top variant, available instrument cluster and key hole lined with multi-metal paint. Luxury SUV facelift on the production of this can be enjoyed in the UK market in October, while the price will reportedly further.

Sources: Autocar

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