Koblenz, The City Beautiful at the Meeting of Two Rivers

Koblenz, the City Beautiful at the meeting of two rivers. For a business, family travelers often come to the city. But only Father and children often explore. While Mother, once because the matter had explored most of the city of Koblenz.

Years earlier, the train journey to the city of Trier, we pass through this town. And immediately captivated by its beauty. Just behind the train station, it seemed one of the older buildings the former fort. Fort Constantin name.

Center crowd and the city's attractions is located not too far from the train station. If we come out the front of the station, directly follow the path to the left. Less than one kilometer run, it will soon look of the city. Starting from a row of shops and eating places. Before arriving at the mall called Löhr Center, there is a large church called Liebfrauenkirche. From here on the left is the mall. While on the right path already entered the old town of Koblenz. There is a complex pedestrian and shopping street in the old city area.

If you want around the old city, can start the journey with a turn toward the Friedrich-Ebert-Ring to the Rhine. From there it will be up to the Congress Centrum turn again to the left for a walk along the river. View of the river will be adorned by many ships are sailing or docked. Many ferries offer a quick trip into several areas along the Rhine as Cologne, Bingen, St. Goar, etc.. Goes on, then we come to the mouth of the River Mosel into the Rhine. Meeting point of two rivers is called the Deutsche Eck. Name Deutsche Eck will remind the knights Orden German founder buildings Orden in 1216 AD. Here stood the Emperor-Wilhelm-Memorial, an equestrian statue of big high. When we went there last time, the monument is currently under revision. This area seems to be one of the favorite tourists spot. Many people gathered while sitting here. From here it is also seen across the river Eherenbereitstein Palace, built by the Duke Trier centuries ago.

Deutsche Eck, the journey can continue back towards the old city. Passing Muenzplatz, city hall, stop by one of the center row of food, as well as to Zentralplatz to admire the old buildings there.


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