'Karimun Box' Change Model in Japan

Suzuki Wagon R

'Karimun Box' Change Model in Japan

Tokyo - If Germany had a Volkswagen Golf car as an icon, then in Japan is Suzuki Wagon R aka the legendary Karimun box there.

Suzuki released the newest face Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray specifically for the Japanese market. This car is a car is essential according to Suzuki this year.


In Japan, sometimes leading the Wagon R car sales figures, as reported by Inside Line, so that there is a new model has always been big news over there. Moreover, for the first time in 4 years of Wagon R is changing. The new Wagon R is the fifth generation since its sale in 1993.


Overall, Karimun Box remains the same, keep it small, boxy with a small engine-powered 660 cc however, said Suzuki Wagon R is now 70 kg lighter than the old ones with a more economical fuel consumption. Wagon R can go as far as 28.8 kilometers with 1 liter BBMnya.


Wagon R has a lithium ion battery that takes kinetic energy from braking the car. Energy stored in the batteries will be used to power the electrical components such as air conditioners.


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