Joy Crisp at the Night Market Germany

Joy Crisp at the Night Market Germany. In Germany, or maybe even in Europe, there are young parents preferred event. Held at least once a year in almost every town and village. That's the night market. Place the melting pot of young and old fun.

If traced, the annual market has been going on since the Middle Ages in Europe. He is a market that was held a few days in a town or village every year, and get special attention from local residents. Currently, the annual market has a variety of names: Volkfest (folk festival), Freimarkt (night market), as well Kirmes.
Joy Crisp at the Night Market Germany.

Currently, the definition of public markets has shifted, become a unique festival in the region, which also has a long tradition. Often the event is held in conjunction with events at the church early in the autumn or in the villages and towns.

In contrast to other cities and festival performances, a funfair rides characterized by the presence of mobile games with various attractions of the game, as well as the vendor tents variety of foods. The goal is as a means of entertainment for the people of a village or town. Great folk night market can be visited at least a hundred thousand people every day. In most cities, this night market occupies a certain area each year. There is moved around. sometimes we even stand a position of attention tent food vending car ata not change from year to year. There is also a night market held in the city, similar to the usual city festival. Long course of a night market and opening times usually depends on local regulations. Adapted to the conditions of the people concerned.

The night market is the largest in Germany Oktoberfest in Munich. The length between 16 to 18 days. Occupying an area of ​​310 thousand square meters, and about 6 million people visit each year. Party of the people is not only fame in Germany, but also worldwide. In the United States and Britain until Oktoberfest imitation. A friend called it Oktobirfest, because thousands or even millions of liters of beer sold here each year. Other famous folk festivals in the town of Herne Cranger Kirmes-Warne (almost 5 million visitors), Cannstatter Volkfest in Stuttgart (4.5 million visitors), Groesste Kirmes am Rhein in Dusseldorf (4.2 million visitors), Ischaa Freimaarkt in Bremen ( 4 million visitors, the largest in northern Germany). Annakirmes in Duren, the small town where we live now held in mid-year. Visited no less than a million people per year.

Although not many rides to play in the game, our family usually comes in almost every night market in the city we've ever lived, namely Nuernberg, Bremerhaven, and Duren. The night market is the biggest we've ever been is Ischaa Freimaarkt. Embak usually most like to play swing, carousel horses and ride to live. Our favorite meal was at a market even fried mushrooms and fried fish. Young kids usually hang out in a bowling bomb car bombs. Or playing dexterity to get cute dolls gifts for his partner. In addition to a variety of entertainment games and food, a funfair usually enlivened by lottery sellers.


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