Journey To The Mosque Königswinter, Germany

Journey to the mosque Königswinter, Germany. On the way to other cities in Germany, several times we passed Bonn. some times we also saw a small mosque not far from the station this small town. For some reason, if you see there is a sense wanted to stop.

As we climbed the hill to see the castle Drachenburg close, we parked not far from the mosque. Incidentally foothills toward Dracenburg just a stone's throw away. So after the Drachenburg, we headed straight there, to pray and relax for a moment.
Journey to the mosque Königswinter, Germany.

Konigswinter Mosque is one of the hundreds of mosques under DITIB foundation, foundation-owned Islamic Turks in Germany. The foundation usually bring the priest directly from Turkey. Besides active in the field of religion, the foundation is also active in the social field. What was once the restaurant was converted into a mosque in 1991. 2001, was rebuilt with the addition of domes and minarets. 's Prayer at the front of a woman's prayer. End of September 2002, the mosque was officially reopened.

This building not only serves as a mosque. Some are architects offices. The owner also has a Turkish name. Mr login first, asking whether a vehicle may park directly in front of the mosque. An old Father said to be, while showing the place of ablution women. It is in the basement, near the woman's prayer.

Women's prayer rooms located on the left at the front of the mosque. There is a special door to get there, separate from the main door. Office not too big. Just enough for 20's only. There is a door leading to the kitchen. His mother and Embak see a lot of stock of drinks and food in it. Among the women's prayer room and prayer room the main guy there like a class room with plenty of tables and chairs. There is a roll of carpet on one side of the wall. This tendency seems multi function. In addition to classrooms, as well as a prayer space if worshipers lot.

We dhuhur and Asr as well. It was a relief, when the streets and find a mosque. Can pray quietly, berisitirahat, as well as meet with other Muslim brothers.


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