Jiah Extraordinary, Carpet Car Anti-Slide Like Spiderman

Jiah Extraordinary, Carpet Car Anti-Slide like Spiderman
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Jakarta - In addition to being anti-rust coatings, carpet car also to minimize noise from under the car. But unfortunately, too many complaints car carpet car users as easily shifted when trampled.


But do not worry, because it is readily available anti-sliding car carpet, so it will be sticky on the floor of the car as if another Spiderman crawling up the wall.


Carpets were taken directly from Taiwan. Reasons not shift because the adhesive on the bottom.


"Why not shift because the bottom made ​​of anti-skid fiber. If you get the basic floor car he will stick and not slide," said Sales Manager PT Pratama Simindo Thanks, Arif Kurniawan detikOto.


The main ingredient of this carpet is plastic. There are 3 layers, the top layer contains a flexible plastic, the middle layer of plastic that form the waterproof function to absorb vibration and noise. And the third layer anti slip maxpider fiber.


Asyknya interior appearance of your car can be more presentable. Because the shape of fringe rug under the car. Carpet is available for all models of cars, from sedans, MPV and SUV to Jeep.


"The advantage that we make every carpet is designed to fit any floor. So follow the contours of the floor of each car so that it displays more exclusive and elegant atmosphere must indicate the type rather than pemiiknya," he said.


For the price, these unique rugs priced at USD 1.3-USD 4.5 million. "Available for all variants of the car," sure.


"If the carpet for a new car can pivot around 3 months. Because we do not design," concludes Arif.


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