Japan's Honda Motor Manufacturers Prepare a 1,000 cc scooter?

 Japan's Honda Motor Manufacturers Prepare a 1,000 cc scooter?

Tokyo - A shocking news came, speculated motor manufacturer Honda is preparing a big engined scooter. Scooter is expected to carry 1,000 cc engine. Really?

Reported by Visordown, Friday (05/10/2012) last year before Honda launched a large scooter called Integra, a patented design that is being leaked. Patents that were coded 'New Mid'. Now, a patented design to leak again. The design was named 'New Large'.


dok Visordown

If the design of the 'New Mid' which literally can mean 'medium' used Integra alone makes the bike has 700 cc engine, the design of the new 'New Large' or 'big' certainly shocked. How many cc engine whether that be arms.


If we interpret literally the second last name, it stands to reason that 'New Large' will have an engine capacity greater than 'New Mid'.


Moreover, the motor design is the same designer that Hiroaki Tsukui. This is also the first designer responsible for the famous motorcycles such as Honda VTR1000, SP-1, the first and second generation FireBlades and CBR600RR.


Judging from its design, at first glance seems a protruding sporty impression. A line dance from the facia to the stern which makes this scooter is likely to have a high enough level of aerodynamics.


However, to prove what is true is a real scooter design and whether the engine capacity greater than the Integra, it seems we have to be patient.


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