Issue Cheap, "The Captain Jack" Johnny Depp Died Just Hoax

Issue Cheap, "The Captain Jack" Johnny Depp Died Just Hoax
Actor Johnny Depp was trending topic on the social networking site, Twitter. The reason for Depp was said to have died.

Really? Apparently not. Materials conversation Twitter users based off the screenshots mentioned CNN news site published in 2004. Screenshot news had actually been declared a technical error by CNN.


CNN when it was claimed to have been negligent in loading the names of victims of traffic accidents to be Johnny Depp. And that became the victim when it was not a top actor Johnny Depp.


A number of foreign news sites that have been known to have the accuracy and speed of the news of the death was not loading Depp. Site BBC, Reuters, Contact Music, Female First, the Daily Mail, The Sun to CNN news of the player does not launch the movie 'Donnie Brasco' on Sunday.


It is not clear who started the news retweet Depp died. Only issue is making the Twitter users ask for the truth to be busy news Depp died. (FJR / FJR)


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