Insanely, Imported Car Sales in Korea Print Bombastic Record

Insanely, Imported Car Sales in Korea Print bombastic record
Seoul - Sales of imported cars reached a new record last month, "steal" 10.7 percent of the domestic market. According to the Association of Automobile Importers and Distributors of South Korea, there are approximately 12 123 new imported cars registered in September, up 14.6 percent from last month and 20.6 percent from a year ago.

On the other hand, sales by Korean automakers shrink 6.6 percent this year.


Sales of imported cars rose as the government lowered taxes on new car purchases by 1.5 percent in a bid to boost domestic consumption. BMW reported sales of 2308 vehicles with the highest, followed by Mercedes-Benz (2,062), Volkswagen (1,831), Audi (1,441), and Toyota (972).


Toyota sales surged as the luxury division Lexus ES launches latest models. Combined, Toyota and Lexus ranked fourth with 1647 units of the car.


Medium and compact car sales also increased. Cars less than 2,000 cc accounted for the largest proportion or 48.5 percent of all imported vehicles, while 2,000 and 3,000 cc car as much as 33.1 percent.


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