Injecting Dead for Car Aston Martin Virage

Injecting Dead for Car Aston Martin Virage

London - an exotic-looking sports car, Aston Martin Virage, was short-lived. Only in less than two years since its launch, Aston Martin decided to inject this car off.

Aston Martin Virage is now only 18 months old since birth and has sold just over 1,000 cars. But the sales figures it was still considered Aston Martin is too small, not enough to pay all their expenses related to the car.


Finally, they make bitter decisions by injecting dead Aston Martin Aston Martin Virage that can save expenses on developing something new for their flagship car, DB9.


After the death of Aston Martin Virage, the British manufacturer is also preparing to develop a DB9 will immediately say that they would have more power with a more aggressive design than they are now.


Unclear how Aston Martin's touch will be given, but clearly, the price of this brand-new DB9 will have a higher price than the current DB9.


The price is likely to be around the number 150 thousand pounds, or approximately USD 2.2 billion, or more expensive than the current DB9 is priced at around 128 thousand pounds, or approximately USD 1.9 billion.


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