Impressive! BlackBerry Will Use Quad-Core Processors?

Impressive! BlackBerry Will Use Quad-Core Processors?
Smartphone made by RIM that will use the operating system BlackBerry 10 seemed to be happy to "appear" on the Internet.

Previously, had circulated the picture is touted as the first smartphone that uses BlackBerry 10. Image is a screenshot from a video featuring the two BlackBerry smartphones, which is designed with a full touch screen (Series L), and are equipped with a physical keyboard (Series N).


After two units of BB10, another leaked BlackBerry 10 others. This time, not a photograph circulating on the Internet, but its hardware specs.


BB10 device is BlackBerry Aristo. From the list of the outstanding specifications, Aristo has the "innards" highly qualified. RIM is out of character, which is usually only equip BlackBerry phones with hardware that is "ordinary" course.


RIM BlackBerry Aristo equip with a quad-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Krait artificial, 4.65-inch OLED touch screen, and features LTE network.


In addition, the Aristo equipped with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory with a MicroSD slot upgrade option, NFC, HDMI port, DLNA, and Bluetooth 4.0.


Leaked specs Aristo even mention the thickness of the phone, that is equal to 8.85 mm. Aristo has a primary camera of 8MP camera sensor is capable of 1080p video recording, and a front camera of 2MP.


Seeing "fierce" Aristo BlackBerry specification, the analysis also predict this phone will be the successor of the BlackBerry L and N - a picture leaked some time ago.


However, the accuracy specifications of the BlackBerry Aristo is still uncertain because there has been no official statement from RIM about this phone.


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