Immermann Strasse, Japanese Village in Dusseldorf

Immermann Strasse, Japanese Village in Dusseldorf. Not long in Merkez Moschee, Duisburg, Duesseldorf group moving back towards. We intend to Immermann strasse, a street in Duesseldorf city center where there are two large Japanese store.

Of Duisburg, traveling by train to the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia takes less than half an hour. We use to eat lunch from home during the train.
Immermann Strasse, Japanese Village in Dusseldorf.

Arriving fairly sunny weather in Duesseldorf. We went briefly at the tourist information office. There are some cute magnets display attention getter. Apparently Immermannstrasse, are fitted in addition to the information office. This
Immermann Strasse, Japanese Village in Dusseldorf, Do you know?

After buying souvenirs town, we immediately turned to Immermannstrasse. First no visible signs of the Japanese community. But the further we go the more evident that Dusseldorf has many Japanese expats. The girls dressed Harajuku. With shoes, clothes and hair colors. The shops and offices bearing Japanese characters. A book store seems to sell comics, knick-knacks from Sakura country. Highlight this road is the Hotel Nikko, background picture with us. Here are Japanese hair salon with very high rates for our pockets. Said one friend, for a haircut only, bus Akena 45 euro.

Across the existing diner, several shops including a Japanese bakery. These companies have a lot of cherry country representative here. We do not know why, a lot of Japanese people in this country. That said, there are more than 50 thousand people. Japanese expatriates largest in Europe after London and Paris.

Soon, we reached Dae Yang, one of two Japanese supermarket here. The store was pretty crowded dna rather narrow halls. The right side of the entrance, there are food vendors so: bento and the various kinds of sushi. This store is pretty crowded. Not only the people of Japan. But it also faces Caucasians. The price of goods here are more expensive than regular oriental stores. but it is a lot of Japanese food that we do not find in regular stores Asia.

The mother (Mother and friends) actually intend to find knick-knacks bento here. Unfortunately only a few nemu: sushi mold, onigiri mold, and limiting food. While not the ideal bento box we found. The four of us bought mochi cakes and mini human in very pretty packaging. For expensive, we venture to buy it.

Even in Sochiko, other Japanese stores. According to Maki, JustHungry website, Sochiko owned by the original Japanese. Medium Dae Yang-owned Korea. Here there is the fresh fish stalls. Outlet bento also there. Having been shopping at Dae Yang, we just look around. Fortunately, the prices of goods at cheaper Dae Yang. so we do not regret to shop there first.


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