Identify The Types of Details for Camera Lens Filter

Identify the types of details for Camera Lens Filter

How important is the lens filter on the shooting and how many kinds of camera lens filter anyway?


In the field of photography, the use of filters is inevitable that the results are "just ordinary" aka standard. As for some popular filter types and their uses are:

- Filter UV / Ultraviolet

To filter out the ultraviolet rays that are often used in landscape photography. In addition, the filter also serves to protect the lens from impact and scratches.

- Filter CPL / Circular Polarizing Filters

This filter must be owned by a photographer. Point to "control" a reflection on the surface of objects such as glass (not mirror) and water. In addition, these filters can also improve color density mainly blue color of the sky.

- Filter ND / Neutral Density

This filter also must have a landscape photographer. Its function is to inhibit the light is too strong. Without this filter, a photographer can not create the effect of "cotton" in shooting moving water during bright day, such as a waterfall or waves on the rocks.

- Graduated ND Filters

Gradation filter to balance the exposure of the heavens and the earth, where the exposure is too bright in the sky while the earth is too dark. How to use it is. dark part on the filter at the top to block the light in the sky.

In the era of film cameras, filters are the pride of the landscape photographer, but with software like Photoshop, photographers who have mastered the software more than happy to use filters in Photoshop because in addition to more flexible, the results are more severe.

- Filter Soft

As the name implies, the filter is useful to create soft effects on humans, especially shooting close-ups. In the digital era, many photographers are turning to Photoshop to create a soft effect, because it is more flexible and with better results.


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