Hubbub Travelling Together Walk Winterberg

Hubbub Travelling Together Walk Winterberg. After a long delay, also achieved congregational journey towards Winterberg, a winter resort town in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. On this trip we did with many friends from Aachen.

Rarely keluargapelancong traveling gang. So when an opportunity like today, of course we are very happy. Armed with a daily ticket Schoenen Tag NRW, travel costs so much cheaper. Weather forecast said the weather would be sunny Winterbeg Saturday.

Buggy fire, we headed to the small town of Winterberg. Everything is 13 people, including 4 children. From Düren, traveling at approximately 4 hour's. Just change trains once in the city of Dortmund. Take a trip together, the length of time the fire was so buggy big problem. We could have spent the time to discuss, joke, and meals.

Up in Winterberg, foggy weather turns. Thick snow like last year when we were there as a family. Spend some time to shop supplies, we climbed straight up the hill. Where winter sports center Winterberg lies. It is hard to carry a stroller up street children, mostly hills covered with snow. Fortunately, because fathers could berganian push or carry our stroller.

Looks increasingly thick fog on the hill. We went straight to rodelbahn, sledding playground. Visibility was only a few hundred feet. Too bad view of beautiful rolling hills in there so shrouded in fog. Of course we did not let the fog reduces excitement that day. Armed with a sledding and one loan we took turns sliding to the foot of the hill. While posing for sure. Although body aches cause must climb the hill again, everything is still vibrant. Until then sister started screaming. We took him to a house at the bottom of the hill. Hoping to warm up and calm the little boy. While other friends continue sledding. Unfortunately we were so entered. crowded in there. After many tries, sister fell asleep. Time back up the hill, some friends have started freezing. We were photographed together for a moment, before deciding to go down to the city center.

Despite the day's adventures while not optimal, but we were happy. Can a walk together, to further mutual friends menganl feels no less happy. Can not wait feels like the streets abuzz again. :)


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