Hoping Airline AirAsia Fly to Frankfurt Germany

Hoping airline AirAsia Fly to Frankfurt Germany. AirAsia airline made a surprise it was not stopped. Not enough to offer cheap tickets seputaran Asia alone. Now they have begun to expand into the Middle East and Europe. New path has been opened, namely Kuala Lumpur - London and Kuala Lumpur - Abu Dhabi. Of course, at bargain prices.
When Mother try to check the price of tickets to London, hmmmhhhh cost only five million alone pp. Very tempting. Destination Abu Dhabi even priced from Rp. 500 thousand's. An acquaintance reportedly got a promo price of four million towards London. Who does not want to go to Europe at a cost so low?
Ticket prices so skewed toward Europe and the Middle East certainly opens up new possibilities for passengers. Which unfortunately this possibility can not be our advantage. For residents who live in one of the Schengen countries, we still need a visa if you want to London (UK). In addition to complicated, the cost is not cheap.

That might be worth trying is the possibility of using the route Abu Dhabi - KL. After Emak check, if you buy tickets separately, for the route Frankfurt - Abu Dhabi - Kuala Lumpur - Surabaya, the fare for one adult ranges from 6-7 million dollars. With a record, someone get the cheapest ticket price for all majors. This price is still cheaper than the cheapest ticket price throughs Frankfurt - Frankfurt Surabaya or Jakarta - which at least reached 8-10 million. But ..... uh, there tetapinya, well .... we still do not know how to deal with the immigration authorities in the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi for the citizens. Because logically, citizens should use a transit visa if you want to try using the above route. So it should come out first, and then check in again to get into the plane to the TOS. Complicated. But perhaps there is nothing wrong if a try. In order to get the ticket price side, is not it?
Hence, after calculating this, we so wish, to open up new routes AirAsia KL - Frankfurt pp. As the second busiest airport in Europe after London Heathrow, who knows if the future looked AirAsia route. Try it if the four million get to KL, was able to put 5 million to the homeland. Uhh ... can-can schedule a homecoming to his homeland once a year, not just dream it. Hopefully!!!


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