Honda Motorcycle Release Some New Luxury for The European Market

Honda Motorcycle Release Some New Luxury for the European Market.It's been five years since Honda CB1100 launch at Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese, retro style that mounts now officially launched in Europe, through the arena Intermot in Cologne, Germany. Iron Horse is inspired from the famous Honda CB750 in the era of 1969.

CB1100 engine is still the same as the older models have a maximum power of 88.5 hp. The technology is also fairly old school, just like his design, without any cooling liquid. However, many consumers are a fan, especially in Japan and Australia, which have been marketed three years ago.


Motorcycle chassis still use iron frame that weighs 248 kg rather heavy but the distance pijaknya made ​​flat. Thus, many Japanese biker who has tried it feels light and easy to control. In the same segment, Honda CB1100 play with other models such as the Bonneville, Kawasaki W800 or Moto Guzzi V7.


New color

In addition to bringing a new motor for the blue continent, Honda Fireblade motor sport refresh the look with a new color, Tricolore and Repsol. This color was first introduced in the CBR250R in Indonesia and the U.S., last month and is now up to moge segment. With a choice of colors and graphic designs new, sporty aura Fireblade stronger, although there is no development in terms of engine and chassis.


Besides Fireblade, Honda also offers a choice of new colors for the CBR600F LCR Edition. As the name implies, this bike is equipped with a titanium exhaust system of materials, stickers LCR, single seat and rear fender. In the UK, it costs 9999 euros (Rp123, 7 million) or more expensive 1,000 euros (Rp. 12.3 million) of the standard type.


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