History traveled to Thessaloniki - Athens, Greece

History traveled to Thessaloniki - Athens, Greece. Greece, there was no country in the list of top family travelers who want to visit. In the eyes of the Germans, the country is not very popular as a tourist destination than Spain, Italy, France, England, etc.. If vacationing there too often they choose Rhodos islands like Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete.

The offer of cheap tickets cheap airline Germany, Tuifly, change the order of the list-would-visited state-owned in 2007. Duesseldorf - Thessaloniki pp betiga just 164 euros more a few cents. Cheap. Yet at the end of March in the same year, four of our friends must spend about 150 euros pp per person for route Bonn - Athens. Despite having to buy a train ticket Thessaloniki - Athens pp, trip cost is comparatively much cheaper.
History traveled to Thessaloniki - Athens, Greece,I like it.

Come to the countries of southern Europe such as Italy and Greece distinct taste to western Europe. Visit it almost feels like a return to their homeland. Only white men. But the weather, human lifestyle, traffic, almost similar.

We arrived at Thessaloniki on a Monday afternoon. Local time an hour faster than the time Germany. Exit the airport, we were immediately heat. According to information on the aircraft, the outside air temperature at that time of approximately 24-25 ° C. Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport is small. It never has a proboscis. We were taken by bus to the front door of the baggage room. There is no checking of visas, because they still are in the European Union.

Macedonia's largest city center can be reached by taxi or city bus. We of course chose the bus. Cheap. Only 60 cents a, valid up to 70 minutes. We bought the machine on the bus. This machine only accepts coins euro denominations of 5 cents to 2 euros. It is better to buy a ticket with the exact, because the machine does not provide change. Once the transaction, just get out of the ticket. We were lucky, though a small fraction had no coins, can switch to two passengers Greek mothers.

Conditions city bus pretty good, though not refrigerated. It took 30 min's to get downtown. Mother swelter, although some window wide open top bus. Bus through the streets where both sides are tall apartment buildings. The bottom of the building almost everything is functioning as a store. Suasanya like shop houses in the country. It's just more towering buildings here. Almost all large balconies complete with plastic or shade cloth. Motor vehicles thronged the lane highways that pass our bus ride. Motorcycle brand of Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki is not a strange sight. Looks are also one or two motorcycle brands of China. Japanese and European cars dominate. Everything fought for space on the road.

Almost in every corner of the street stood a stall in Thessaloniki. They sell newspapers, magazines, candy, soft drinks, bus tickets etc.. There are list prices of goods that are not there. Maybe you should ask first the price of goods before buying so as not overpriced when purchased. The shops in town open till evening. Eating houses and cafes are crowded before ten o'clock.

In Athens, a state traditional market really evokes memories of home. How to organize clothing and merchandise vendors, small shops pejual miscellaneous household goods, small electronics store, but a solid merchandise, shouting merchants attract customers, and so on. Everything is really like. Especially when walking from Omonia Monastiraki towards roundabout. Hawkers come packed sidewalks. This is the main shopping places in the city. Boisterous, but not too crowded and cleaner compared to large markets in Jember, Mother hometown.

The Greeks styles. Appearance. Seen from model their clothes. Especially the women. The majority wore a sleeveless, spaghetti straps or dodot. At first I was amazed notice sunglasses theirs. Almost all branded Channel, D & G, Dior, Ray Ban etc.. There was so amazed after knowing many eyeglasses sold in asphalt pavement for 5-10 euros only.

Queuing seems to be a problem for the majority of Greeks in Thessaloniki and Athens. His mother repeatedly forced restraint when people grab when queuing at the information office and counter purchase train tickets at the station. And Mother was yelling "hello" and use body language that he was there first. Old and young alike, like grab a queue. They and the officers did not care.

Traffic Greece, most chaotic state than other EU countries we have ever visited. Much more chaotic than Italy. Cars and motorcycles are king of the road. They were parked haphazardly. Even in the narrow sidewalk though. When traffic is congested, the two motors nyelonong entrance sidewalk. Across is something thrilling. Not infrequently, some reckless motor vehicle continue to run even if the traffic light has turned red. Fortunately, we have enough experience with traffic in Indonesia. so not too afraid of walking in between cars and motorcycles. The key, do not hesitate when crossing. For if in doubt, do not hesitate to motorists grab. If we believe, they had to let us cross. Exercise patience, here. :)


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