Historic Moment, Watching the World Cup in Duren

Historic Moment, Watching the World Cup in Duren!!!. Moments world cup becomes important for countries soccer sports lovers. Germany is no exception. Back when the 2002 World Cup, every time German teams competed, almost all of the broadcast on the radio. In city buses, and many other crowd Temat.

When Germany hosted the four years later, most of the country tentau just feel the excitement of the moment welcomes football's quadrennial world. Not only in cities organizers, cities also provide equal Bremerhaven public viewing area (the watch together).
Historic Moment, Watching the World Cup in Duren, I like it.

Turns out the world cup this time in the town where we live now Dueren, there is also a place to watch together like that. Precisely in front of city hall in the heart of Dueren. Tivinya big one. Who knows how many meters in diameter. Back in Bremerhaven, where watching as it's only crowded when the German squad in action. If only one or two are not there. I do not know in Dueren. The location here is more strategic. There are benches but not too much. All around there are vending food and beverage. Ah already imagine how hectic if kesebelesan beloved country is in action later.
Historic Moment, Watching the World Cup in Duren!!!


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