Hehe State of Unique, Rheinland - Pfalz

Hehe State of Unique, Rheinland - Pfalz.
 Positioned in the western part of Germany, among Rheinisches Schiefergebirge, the state capital of Rheinland-Pfalz in Mainz. The area is rich in diversity, as well as interesting and diverse as its population. The uniqueness is its appeal: idyllic river scenery, mountains terambah not human, historic towns picturesque villages, vineyards famous and romantic castles. Rheinland-Pfalz has seven regions - Middle Rhein-Lahn-Taunus, Rheinhessen, Eifel Ahr, Mosel-Saar, Hunsrueck, Nahe, Pfalz Westerwald and, all that could be expected by the tourists.

Eifel is a former volcano, famous caldera - a volcanic lakes formed nearly 30 thousand years ago. Eifel is ideal for hiking and sightseeing trips. From here one can all the Nuerburgring, one of the tracks on the Formula One German Grand Prix.

Westerwald is a series of mountains between Frankfurt and Cologne, between the rivers Lahn, Sieg, Rhine and Dill. A paradise for walkers. Mountain peaks form forests. Agriculture, mining iron, basalt, influence the shape Westerwald during centuries old.

Mosel River Valley between Koblenz and Trier is a romantic river views. If you take the train between Koblenz and Trier economy, we will be able to enjoy the beauty of this. The area is also famous wine estates planted in sheet-valley criss-cross the ruins of a castle or castles and ancient buildings prestigious. Wine already planted by the Romans and the Celts centuries ago. Mosel River has long 545 kilometers, making it the biggest entry of the Rhine.

Between Alsace, Pfalz Saarland and Rheinhessen is, part of the Upper Rhine. Here Pfalz forest is located. Formatting a link between the Eifel mountains and hills Hunsrueck in the north, and the Vosges Mountains in the south. The landscape is very multi-faceted.

Rheinhessen is the largest wine making region in Germany. Also the place of good food. In addition, the area offers many activities for pleasure, including biking, hiking, hot air balloon and golf. Cultural tourism with world-class cultural arts exhibition also traditional and wine festival became a tourist attraction here.

The cities in this state many a silent witness history. There are so many remnants of the golden age of ancient Rome. Also beautiful buildings, magnificent and well preserved from ages afterwards. In addition to remote villages nan calm, he also has cities like Mainz and Worms, the old town but has some modern point.

Mainz has an amazing history. There were traces of Roman relics 2000 years old. While the magnificent buildings of baroque style is still awake. Architects and sculptors adorn the city's best in the 17th century. Produces an exclusive resident-resident aristocrats and magnificent churches.

Koblenz, Rhine middle gate, is a UNESCO cultural heritage site, located at the crossroads of two famous rivers, Rhine and Mosel. Surrounded by a plateau. Two-thirds of the city was covered by trees, water or green areas. Museum-musuem 2000 years documenting the city's history. Tourists from sleuruh banyka world come to admire the city.

Worms, one of the oldest cities in Germany, had a long and important history. Monuments and buildings demonstrate this. Currently, Worms became a modern city on the banks of the Rhine, with the evidence of the Middle Ages in many corners of the city.

City of Trier, in the Roman era known as the "Augusta Treverorum" is the oldest city in Germany. Founded by Emperor Augustus in 16 BC, and at the end of the third century BC to the reign of Emperor Diocletian place. The splendor of Trier in the past seemed dair relics gate Porta Nigra, the Roman bridge, amphitheater, baths basilica and the former emperor.

There's no place more romantic than the Upper Rhine valleys. The narrowest Rhine River in the region. But also the most beautiful. The valley is inspired Heine and Brentano for producing some of their best poems. Bingen, St. Goar, Loreley - the names of the romantic image.


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