Having fun When Traveling to Fes, Ville Nouvelle

Having fun When Traveling to Fes, Ville Nouvelle.
 A younger student, Erix, picked us up at the airport. Imazahra, my Mother who had never been to Morocco, never giving his cell no. But not successfully contacted. Ma'am Ninik, another friend who has been to Fes, we connect with Nabil. Nabil told us this is a lot to ask before flying here.

Erix had hired a taxi for our large family. Regular public transport to the heart of Fes, there is still no, said Erix. There is a city bus, just to Fes-Sais. Then again must be connected to a local taxi. Better is hire a taxi directly from or to the airport. For those who are first to Fes, and not have to pick up contacts, outside the airport, there is already a list price of a taxi to get to some places. Not only to Fes. But also the surrounding towns such as Meknes. If you stay at the hotel, and booking in advance, there are some hotels offer pickup services at reasonable rates.

Having unlimited visits within Europe (except for a two-day overnight in the capital of Malaysia), of course, in Morocco we offered a different view. Some will remind homeland. People on motorcycles without helmets with overload. Those who casually traffic. Even one car in front of us with a red light violation indifferently. The impatient motorists. Dust flew on the highway. The shops are open until late at night. Children hawkers, street vendors on the sidewalks. Building forms are very different from Europe. For Mother, very interesting. The first encounter with a new culture certainly makes the heart merry, expanding horizon of thought.

Brothers students choose a hotel in the Nouvelle Ville. Much cheaper than the riad-riad or hostels can be booked via the internet.

Fes, after Morocco was colonized by the French, divided into three major sections: Fes el Bali, the oldest city, Fes el Jedid, and the Ville Nouvelle. Ville Nouvelle is built when the French ruled. Being a residential center, a business, but not a central tourist attraction. While here many standing hotel. The road to the park is famous here Boulevard Hassan II. and Avenue Mohammed V. In addition to restaurants and cafes, here we see a McDonald's outlet.

If you want to go to the older area, we always this way. Twice even walk down the Boulevard Hassan II to the old city. His mother once walked to photograph a mosque near the hotel, then alone to the Gare de Fes or main train station. Early in the morning was quiet, because according to her younger students, the activities started slower in Morocco. The stores usually do not open until 9 am.


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