Hamburg, Town Modern Rich Tradition

Hamburg, Town Modern Rich Tradition. After Berlin, Hamburg is Germany's second largest city. And is one of the smallest of the four states of the country. Hmaburg economy is the main supporting port sector and international trade. Founded around the year 811 by Charlemagne's regime, one of the city Hamburg dalah great hansa centuries old and became a celebrity until now. City on the banks of the River Elba's got an elegant side, with exclusive shopping centers along the boulevard, arts centers, world-class music venue, as well as the entertainment district of St. Pauli.

As a tourist destination, the city and state of Hamburg offers many options for tourists, with attractions ranging from 50 museums and arena concerts, opera, miniature railway. Magnificent buildings are testimony to the long history and amazing property Hamburg. A boat tour is a must in Hamburg.
Hamburg, Town Modern Rich Tradition.

Interesting architecture dominates the city hall buildings Hamburg. Built of stone with a neo-renaissance style between 1886 - 1887, Hamburg's government building has more than 647 rooms in it. Contrast with city style hansa, town hall facade decorated with 20 statues of former kings of Germany. There is a tour of the town hall if interested.

Landungsbruecke is where the main entrance off the waters of the Port of Hamburg. From here there is a tour-boat harbor with boat toward banak place like Finkenwerder, Övelgönne and Blankensee. Also cruise ships luxury giant. Souvenir shops into a tourist souvenir hunting. Restauran-appetizing seafood restaurant. Ships named Rickmer Rickmers and Cap San Diego a great display. Every year there is a birthday celebration Hamburg harbor. Celebrated on a large scale. In addition to the committee organizing the night market, also many attractions ships or aircraft in Landungsbrucke. Interesting.

Protestant baroque style church, St. Michel is also a major attraction largest port city in Germany. Built around the 17th century, this old building has become a symbol of pride of the city are used for the benefit of the church and the concert. From the 82 meter high tower, visitors can see some of the harbor and the Alster lake.


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