Hah Mitsubishi Mirage for sale Approximately Rp. 150 Million

Mitsubishi Mirage for sale Approximately USD 150 Million
Competition heats up a small car. There Honda Brio, Nissan March has the Picanto and Kia, Mitsubishi Mirage was ready to catch up. The plan would give birth to 3 variants Mitsubishi Mirage for the people of Indonesia.

"Well will be out a minimum of three types. Above type, with higher features. Intermediate type and bottom type with features that are more simple," said Marketing Director of PT KTB Rizwan Alamsjah in Jakarta.


Approximately how prices Mirage?


"Prices are not too Far Mitsubishi Mirage with its competitors, because the price is also crucial. Heck wants prices we will be competitive," he said.


And when confirmed whether the Mirage will be released in the range of USD 150 million, Rizwan did not say no. "Yes segitulah, which would not be much of a competitor. Could be above $ 150 million, or less," lid


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