Hah Ford Mustang Ready to Go International

Ford Mustang Ready to Go International

London - After decades of only a champion cage, legendary American muscle car, the Ford Mustang will soon go international. Chevrolet Camaro lifelong opponent will soon spread to other continents.

More than four decades of its existence, the Ford Mustang was finally making the right steering positions. That way, this car also has the potential to spread to other countries.


Application of stir right at the Ford Mustang is considered important because many countries in the world do not apply the rule of the left steering cars like Americans. Similarly, in Europe.


To that end, Ford was deliberately made ​​Ford Mustang steering wheel right to expand its market, especially to the plains of Europe.


Taking a muskulin Mustang design, the car is scheduled to be sold at Ford in 2015. Ford said that despite the different steering position, steering capability Mustang both the left and right of the steering wheel remains the same.


For the engine, the Mustang with the right steering wheel is likely to still be supported by a 5.0 liter V8 berkonvigurasi capable of spraying power up to 300 bhp and tech turbo EcoBoost V6 engine capacity of 3.7 liter with 250 bhp power.


There is also news that Ford is currently developing a capacity of about two thousand cc to offer an alternative for those who want efficient cars.


If it were so, the potential of the Ford Mustang to come to Indonesia, which has the right steering wheel cars rule would be closer to reality.


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