hAH Apple Shares Make Wall Street Moves Flat

Stocks on Wall Street ended flat at U.S. trade Thursday. The positive sentiment from improved U.S. labor market is not able to lift stock indexes because Apple's stock fall due to Samsung's case in court.
Apple shares Make Wall Street Moves Flat

Yesterday, Apple shares fell 2% to U.S. $ 628.1 per share after U.S. court to continue the case Apple dispute with Samsung, which will also involve Google as the creator of the Android system.

Market players said the movement of the market is bearish with the index S & P 500 were down 2% in anticipation of the revenue decline emitennya. Improvement in the U.S. unemployment rate is only a marginal effect to the stock market.


"Market conditions are volatile it seems will continue to happen in the near future," said Robert Pavlik analyst quoted by Reuters on Friday (12/10/2012).


In trading Thursday (10/11/2012), the Dow Jones fell 18.58 points (0.14%) to a level of 13326.39. S & P 500 index edged up 0.28 points (0.02%) to a level of 1432.84. Then the Nasdaq index fell 2.37 points (0.08%) to a level of 3049.41.

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