Good News! iPad Mini Rumored Manufactured Start

iPad Mini Rumored Manufactured Start
Apple tablet-sized 7-inch display, iPad mini, is rumored to have started production.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) get their news from sources that one of Apple's partners have started to produce the latest tablet from Apple, which will be smaller than the iPad "regular", 9.7 inches.


Two informants WSJ claims the new tablet will have a screen measuring 7.85 inches diagonally.


This claim is at once confirmed what was reported by Bloomberg in August. In addition, the second informant mentions, screen iPad mini will be made by LG Display and AU Optronics, which has started to produce LCD panels last month.


Meanwhile, the resolution of new tablet is also rumored to be lower than the iPad 3 (New iPad). However, it had been expected given the Retina Display technology (2048 x 1536) on the iPad 3.


With a lower resolution and smaller physical, physical dimension iPad mini is expected to fill the competition Apple tablets, mainly to compete with Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 production Amazon and Google.


Despite rumors saying the name that will be used is a mini iPad, Apple's new tablet WSJ called the iPad Mini.


Meanwhile, as quoted from The Verge, WSJ sources say, the production of iPad Mini submitted to a manufacturer of Apple components in Asia.


However, a Japanese blog, Macotakara ie, states that have begun production of the iPad mini in one of the Foxconn factory in Brazil.


Reza Wahyudi


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