Globetrotter-Germany, The Shop The Not Unusual

Globetrotter-Germany, The Shop The Not Unusual.
Old things have we heard about this place and want to visit this shopping. Globetrotter is a great shop vending supplies outdoor activities. Before visiting the physical building, we have seen many online stores them in We had to buy winter jackets, backpacks and tents for camping. A friend had been recommending us to come directly to the center of the city of Cologne globetrotter. The kids will like there, he said. Globetrotter himself had some stores in major cities such as Cologne, Bonn, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

So on a sunny Saturday decent though rather cold, we go there. From the bus stop in Köln Neumarkt, large signpost Globetrotter already visible from a distance. We went there met a guard dressed very neatly. That day, the store looks very crowded atmosphere. When in there, we never would have thought that this store is so great. More like a mall fixtures outdoor activities. Adventure clothing brands popular among the visitors lined up.

We are not immediately around. But enjoy and take in the atmosphere of this mall. Consisting of four floors, with a natural theme. We seemed to be in a natural setting rather than in a store. The ground floor has a pool where some Kanu displayed and two people were trying to dive gear. The kids wanted to come down. My sister looks like once plunging into the swimming Kolan. Unique once there is a store like this. Latai this basis is more dedicated to the sport and adventure on the water. Equipment pool, Kanu, diving equipment dominate here. In another part of the ground floor is well diversified shoes for hiking or for those who like to walk away.

We noticed this mall has so many pramuniaganya. They deftly help customers get what they want. The customers were happy to try a variety of goods sold. As anti-rain jacket that can be tried in a booth berpancuran, big backpack bags, etc..

And as you say the kids love it there. Embak to the astonishment of some kind of ant colonies to collect food, jellyfish are moving in the aquarium glass. Or see the war to try a winter jacket in a cold drafty room. The most preferred is Embak playground climbing wall on the top floor. Shoes can dipinam free climbing wall there. It's fun. We did not buy anything. Being there is a pleasure for our recreation. Just out of the store alone, Embak have to wonder, when are we going to Globetrotter again.


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