Giant Car Manufacturer KIA Make Third Plant in China

Giant car manufacturer KIA Make Third Plant in China

Yancheng - China Market proved to be the target of a car manufacturer. As Kia began building their third plant in China.


Reported by AFP on Friday (06/29/2012) KIA's new plant is located in the east of the city of Yancheng lau.


The factory will have a production capacity to 300,000 units per year when officially opened in 2014.


With the addition of this production, KIA could increase their production in China to 730,000 units.


"The third plant in China will be an opportunity for us to grow in the aspects of quality and increase customer satisfaction," said Hyundai Motor CEO Chung Mong-Koo. Hyundai is the parent of the KIA.


KIA previously managed to sell 432,518 cars in China last year, they plan to increase it to 460,000 sales this year.


Together with Hyundai, the Korean manufacturer's two-car manufacturer listed as the 5th largest in terms of sales. KIA has 13 factories in 8 countries including India and the U.S..


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