Getting Peace After Viewing Panorama Monschau

Getting Peace After Viewing Panorama Monschau. Entering the old town of Monschau, seemed to enter into a settlement. Narrow streets. Only one car can pass. More than impressed as a city street gang. In the distance was the castle Monschau standing on the hillside. Castle is made from natural stone. Houses are located at the edge of time or on the hillside. So in addition to narrow, uphill road to the complex much higher.

Deeper into the city, look more lively atmosphere. People walk carrying a camera or photographing old buildings. No wonder we see a lot of foreign plated car in the parking lot. They came from Holland or Belgium. Both are not too far away from this place. Hohen Venn, the Eifel Mountains in Belgium less than 7 kilometers from here. In addition, there are many places to eat and we saw inn.
Getting Peace After Viewing Panorama Monschau

In addition, many shops in the old town is open on Sundays. we were surprised too. Because not only souvenir shops were open. Just like in the cities of the other tours. But also other shops such as clothing stores, toy stores, and even thrift stores also hold their wares.
Getting Peace After Viewing Panorama Monschau.

We menjelalah the face into the center of town. Style like no other tourists. Photographing old houses. All of the old house was inhabited. In fact it is said, is in an old building, it will be much cooler. Because of their ancient heating system. Using a new heating system in it, would be more wasteful of energy.

Following the watershed and in the heart of the city, Surabaya His mother remembered. Never one to stay at home Mother Kertajaya road. Just behind the house there is also a small ditch. Of course muddy and smelly. By the owner of the house, the top of the trench is closed wood-kyu wide, so that the surface can be used. To wash clothes, and there are chairs on it so it resembles a balcony.

Eating places are visible from customers crowded during the day. At one restaurant, the smell of fried fish, very delicious. Of course eating delicious fried fish on a cold day. But we kept going. Mr. shouldered brother began exhausted. Got Sculpture Park and close to Park City, we reverse. Today was even colder. I can not enjoy a walk when the body starts freezing. God willing we wanted to come back here when the weather gets warmer.


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