Getting Fun and Comfortable Accommodation in The Baltics

One more interesting topics about the Baltics, the purpose of our trip in the fall of 2009 holidays: our lodgings over there.

In search of cheap lodging this time, we use the services of In addition to providing reliable information about cheap accommodation, this one website does not burden us with administrative costs, which could reach 2 to 3 dollars per booking. In we still asked to enter a credit card number as a guarantee for the hotel. Payment can be made in cash when we get referred inn.

In Riga, we found named Baron City Hostel. Many people knew him as the Baron 25, because it is located at number 25 Baron Street, Riga. Its location close to the historic old town is the capital of Latvia. Precisely at the shopping center there. Nearby there fame and inexpensive restaurant called Lido. Also boutiques, galleries and various other stores.

When ordering, the Baron City have confirmed that they are not friendly accommodation for people with special needs. Yeah, right. It is located on the 4th floor with no elevator. Moreover, the ladder is high berundakan ancient stairs. We pram carrier was forced to leave on the first floor. Bring yourself up and hand luggage is already a struggle.

Getting Fun and Comfortable Accommodation in the Baltics. A friendly young man greeted us early twenties during the day. We do not know his name. only his nickname, the funky manager. This Canadian man receives payment, took us around the inn, explain everything.

Our room was a family room with one double bed and one bunk bed. Fit for four. There are two bathrooms outside. Not a problem. There is a living room watching tivi bersofa place or movies. Also surf ria. Large kitchen is fully equipped. Ease back, although not listed that we will be free breakfast, they provide, for free breakfast every morning. A pleasant surprise. The manager is always willing to help when we need it. It's one of the best hostels we've ever flown in Europe. Cost 30 euros per night. There is also free internet.

In Kaunas we had to wait a long time she reached the address of the inn. Right in the heart of the second largest city in Lithunia. No guards we encountered. Just a post containing telephone numbers to be contacted.
Getting Fun and Comfortable Accommodation in the Baltics.

We got confused encari public telephone around there, when a mother under the store owner's office kindly inn menelponkan the officer. Soon a young man came up to us. Drove us into the complex next door were shown our room. We were stunned by what we get is an apartment rather than a hotel room. Only with 33 euros per night. The contents apart bathrooms with bathtubs super big, plus also the kitchen equipment. Refrigerator and television graced this apartment. Also free internet. There is one large bed and a sofa that can also be converted functioned as a bed. It was comfortable and enjoyable. Content to obtain lodging convenient, safe and inexpensive as this.


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