Get Halal Food in Rimini and San Marino

Get Halal Food in Rimini and San Marino. From the hotel, we got rations eat breakfast every day. Eat at any other time must buy. In Rimini, and Italy in general, we feel the price of food is more expensive than in Germany. While in Rimini is not often we eat out. At least once a day. For dinner, we bought it at the local supermarket. Besides the price is much cheaper, we can examine and membli products safe for consumption. Alias ​​halal. The risk is that we could not eat warm food. Especially at the hotel where we had different types of plugs with Germany. Tools we carry water penjerang not work here. We did not bring an adapter. Well should be grateful to the cold food from the supermarket.

Food from the supermarket at most is bread with canned tuna and salad. Sometimes we buy too cheap supermarket pizza. Alhamdulillah full and efficient.
Get Halal Food in Rimini and San Marino.

First eating out, we choose tavern Turkey. There is a halal label in their stores. So we did not hesitate to enter. Father and children select kebab. His mother thought, kebab house has been used in Germany. His mother choose pasta course. There lasagna on their menu. When Mother asked they said lasagna is also halal.

His mother waited dag dig dug lasagna. Its delicious kebabs. But it was the standard. Samalh with similar food in the country where we live. Lasagna its mengecewakannn. It turns out that frozen lasagna is heated by microwave. Then immediately served. Where the price is expensive. If lasagna like this in Germany also stayed at the supermarket. It was also nothing special-specials. 
Get Halal Food in Rimini and San Marino,I Like it .... hihihi .. :)

In San Marino, we noticed the price of food is not as expensive as in Rimini. So we venture into a restaurant affordable price makananya bag. In San Marino there is no any tax. That's why they can sell any cheaper than Italy. His mother choose pasta again. This time Spaghetti frutti di mare, ato seafood spaghetti. Father and son wants pizza. Pizza somewhat thick, not thin like the pizza we ate in Venice. Spaghettinya not too many tomatoes and oregano or no sense of Basilikum. Only visible stir tomatoes and some seasoning what. Seafoodnya no less. Dominated by the shells. It was simple but delicious. Satisfied can eat delicious pasta this time.


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