Germanwings Airlines, Cheap Flights to Germany

Germanwings Airlines, Cheap Flights to Germany
One more German low-cost airline with great service, Germanwings. Based in Cologne aka Koln airport, close to where we live now. Only about 40 miles away.

The airline was started we noticed this after living in Duren. Not before. Because we have not found the price and will fit with our goals. Until then after setahunan not travel to foreign countries, we found cheap tickets Koln - Warsaw, beginning in December 2008. Less than 20 euros per person. The total cost of our flight time was about 180 euro. Go home. Complete with a baggage fee of 10 euro one way.

Germanwings Airlines, Cheap Flights to Germany.

Website to Germanwings plane belonging predominantly purple. Color continues to dominate when we get to the check-in terminal at the airport in their own special Koln. They've got dozens of check in at the airport where they are headquartered. In the early morning when we intend to check in toward Warsaw, hundreds of passengers had crowded into the great room.

Germanwings not impose a special check-in counters for a particular purpose. Just like AirAsia in Kuala Lumpur. Passengers queue up all purpose greeting two lines long. All counters serve any purpose that passengers will fly in the morning. Fortunately, although the queues snaking service relatively quickly. Less than ten minutes of standing, we have been in the check-in counter. If you want faster, passengers without luggage can check in online or via their computer at the airport. Just enter the booking code and data other passengers, boarding pass will be printed.

Germanwings has some interesting routes with low prices. Discount tickets can usually be obtained from Tuesday through Sunday. Subscribe to newsletters they had nothing to lose. The route most often discounted from the airport of Cologne is the purpose of Italy (Bologna, Rome, Venice), Spain (Barcelona), Austria (Vienna, Klagenfurt, Salzburg), Eastern Europe (Prague, Warsaw, Krakau), etc.. From other airports in Germany, they flew from the city of Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Berlin.

There are two other interesting routes are included in our target list, although there are rarely discounted, but pretty cheap compared to other airlines, namely: Nice, St. Petersburg and Istanbul. Hopefully someday there fortune.


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