Fun and Challenging Vacation to Bangkok Thailand

Fun and Challenging Vacation to Bangkok Thailand. Holidays to Thailand's already far-away days of our booking. Eh fitting December we heard the tsunami in Southeast Asia, including Thailand. We just hope the other islands are not severe and persists turisnya.
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We arrived in Bangkok and immediately pick up a map for the stock around the Bangkok later. From the airport we took a taxi to Khaosan Road, 350THB. Khaosan Road is an area for the backpacker. Hotels in there from cheap to expensive there. Around here full restaurant as well as a lot of traders who sell souvernir, but it should not be here shopping. Because as usual where filled with tourists of course the price is rather expensive. The terrain that evening bustle bustling with traders and eating on the road which is full of tourists who visit the area only. In the afternoon the street here can not be closed through the vehicle. Because of the way the night there are bars on the street or be told to sell liquor on the streets with music.

In Bangkok we stayed at the D & D inn Khaosan road 750 THB / night there was air conditioning, plus a full breakfast.
Fun and Challenging Vacation to Bangkok Thailand.

Ease of Khaosan road that we could walk around some places can be visited on foot or take a water bus from the bus station Phra Arthit water not far from Khaosan road or it could also take the bus from Sanam Luang square.

Places that can be visited by foot from the Khaosan road:
- Wat Phra Kaew (Temple)This is one of the famous Wat Buddha statue from Thailand with Emerald stone, even though from jade
- Grand Palace, entrance 250THB. This ticket price includes admission to Vimarnmek Palace. We should dress modestly and are usually not allowed to enter if we wear sandals. If we wear shorts, we could rent a cloth before entering the grand palace complex.

With water bus ride from Phra Arthit, we can visit:
- Wat Po, the water bus Phra Arthit - Wat Po 6THB. Entrance is 20 THB, but I could also guess the Thais. If the people of Thailand, they do not have to pay to get into the temple. In the Paste this we see lying Buddha statue made of gold. The length of 45m and a height of 15 m. At the foot of a statue of Buddha there are 108 symbols which can be viewed enlightenment of Buddha. Unfortunately we could not take a good picture for the Buddha statue ini.wat-po-bangkok

- Wat Arun, Wat Po water bus - Wat Arun 2THB. 20THB admission ticket, as usual in Thailand and arguably guess people do not have to pay. But I told the indo. So had to pay he ... he ... The meaning of this pagoda is paste the rising sun. So named because when it was King Taksin in the morning came to dedicate this temple, sunrise light illuminates this temple. The pagoda is lined with ceramics from China so the sun reflects light so beautifully in this pagoda. Pagoda is 74 m high. Staircase leading to the upper Sunggu sempit.wat-arun-bangkok

- Chinatown, Wat Po water bus - Wat Tha Song 8THB. Nach here we can go around shopping like in Jakarta so. As in the Glodok area of ​​the city or the morning market. Merchandise must be said cheap-cheap and also with the restaurant full pavement.

- From Chinatown we return bus ride to Phra Arthit water again 6THB


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