Free Discount For 4 Days in Italy

Free Discount For 4 Days in Italy, Experience may be gained once a lifetime.

A series of events during the four days you will be lived in Italy. You will start the day in Italy, met with the Italian Ferrari team coach and enjoy the culinary experience Pizza Night.


On the second day, you will also participate in various activities at the Varano circuit, Parma. One is drifting session with a professional racer. At night, your stomach will also be pampered with poolside BBQ dinner and party.


The third day, with activity time adrenaline challenge the Yamakasi (Parkour). Proceed with the on-track activities that adrenaline pumping. Then you had the opportunity to try out the Varano circuit to be encapsulated in a high performance driving experience program. The day will conclude with a trip to Maranello, the home of Ferrari and do a special dinner session at Montana Restaurant.


On the fourth day, you will also feel a very adrenaline with the opportunity to drive a Ferrari F430 with a variety of interesting challenges. You will be invited to be a co-driver Ferrari F1 three-seater which is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to feel the experience of driving in the Ferrari F1 car can reach a maximum speed of 350km / h on the circuit Maranello. After that, you will be invited to party in Milan.


All of it is a facility that will be awarded to the winner Marlboro RedRush by following interactive activities via online at This program can only be followed for participants age 18 years or older.


Ten lucky winners will be able to get Marlboro RedRush Week in Italy that will certainly provide an unforgettable experience and may only be enjoyed once in a lifetime.
Author: Teddy Kurniawan


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