Fond Memories Trips to Magali

Fond memories Trips to Magali.
 From Zurich, we intend to go directly to Eze. There is a small campground there. Eze is the old town, not far from Nice and Monaco. Good spot to dwell long on the Cote D'Azur. Address already on file from a guidebook. There is no number. We thought it would be easy to find in a village.
In fact do not. There was no sign there. There was no one around. Sepi. A bit much searching, we decided looking the other campers.
Nice itself was no such place. Search transferred to the surrounding area. There is one in St. Laurent du Var. Place the tent was too big as well. The first difficulty is also looking for an address in the GPS. We're desperate to get there area. After trial and error campsite see also this one.
Mothers reception is older half-faced jutek. German language can not. English a little bit, he said, when we were invited to chat. He asked how many nights we wanted to stay, ask for one of our passports, record data and provide a map of the campsite. At ten o'clock closing, yes. Cars must be parked outside d if it is closed.
We went straight to the place indicated on the map ynag. In the early spring in April, not many people chose to stay in the tent. Delicious also for us. Freely.
Magali is a 4 star campsite. Equipped with a variety of sports such as table tennis, badminton, volleyball and pool. Unfortunately not open when the air temperature is less than 25 ° C. A first, we were overwhelmed pitched tents. Moreover, this is pretty big tent. Measuring about 4.5 x 2.5 meters. His mother unfit. Tiredness and prolonged exposure to air-conditioning in the car.
Neighbors our camp is a group of Belgian club canyoning. They consist of more than 30 people. Bring some caravan and had to cook their own officers. At night they spent time with a drink and a chat. And early in the morning they were off again. Incredible.
Ease, the location of our tent near the circuitry bathroom, toilet and sink. Internet is free in front of buildings. Rates per night as a family about 25 euro. Much cheaper and fun than staying at the inn massive. Food is mostly our own cook. The children were at home over there. Living with the condition may also be limited, yes. Only a matter of habit.
Had we had almost three days of heavy rain. Luckily our tent thick enough to not leak. In the evening, as there is a special cabin for sleeping, nor dew dripped into it. We brought winds mattress and buy a new blanket. Comfortable.


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