Fly Cheap and Interesting Package To Malta

Fly Cheap and Interesting Package to Malta. The small island in southern Italy has long coveted spot in the list keluargapelancong. Unfortunately not many flights from Germany to get there. There used to be the route Bremen - Malta from Ryanair. For some reason, not long after the route was closed before we could take advantage of their services. Ryanair flight to Malta is only served from several airports in Italy, Spain and Ireland.

Our long search of alternatives. Malta official airline tickets, AirMalta was still overpriced for us. Until then we find information about cheap tickets to the major cities of Europe from Lufthansa. One is to Malta. Ninety-nine euros pp per person.
Fly Cheap and Interesting Package to Malta.

Unfortunately our time was too much consideration. When the next day decided to leave, cheap tickets already sold. The price is doubled per person. Not be our fall vacation spent in this mini-state.


Gratitude European cheap flights from Lufthansa exist anymore. When checking ticket prices for carnival holidays in mid-February, cheap tickets for 99 euros per person are still widely available. This time, without a lot of consideration, we immediately message Lufthansa tickets through the official website. Frankfurt (am Main) - Malta pp. It was just the route are offering tickets at the lowest price we've ever found.


A friend even found that if booked through be we can get cheaper rates 9 euro. A valuable lesson for us. Next time if there is another tempting offer, we will also check through the website.


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