First Experience Flying Together AirAsia

First Experience Flying Together AirAsia. The story of cheap fare airline has reached the ears of both families for so long. We feel he has become a phenomenon in Indonesia and Asia. Moreover, since fiscal policy is changed, allowing him a free man. Adding the possibility as well as to attract many people to visit the neighboring countries around Indonesia. Ticket price is very cheap when no promo. Only with Rp. 149 thousand one-way, one can already fly to Malaysia or Singapore. Much cheaper than a train or bus ticket executive Surabaya - Jakarta. Thus, according to the principle of AirAsia, almost all can feel fly a plane at the present time.

When planning a trip back and forth a few months ago, in fact we are not too intent on using the airline. At that time, we were just looking for the cheapest ticket prices from Pekanbaru to Surabaya. Since the departure date is the last day of school holidays, of course, ticket prices Pekanbaru - Surabaya via Jakarta to be very expensive. Many people return from their holidays. Ticket prices for the four of us is worth more than Rp. 3.5 million.
First Experience Flying Together AirAsia, have you ever flown with an airline AirAsia Malaysia?

His mother finally tried to check ticket prices Pekanbaru - Surabaya via Kuala Lumpur. One and a half months before departure, they offer 2.5 million's rates include luggage costs 45 pounds. Much cheaper than flying via Jakarta. We likewise do not buy it immediately. just a month before the day of departure, we checked the price again. Half do not believe it, the price is not rising, even down a lot. At the same hour with our previous choice, our choice of air fare dropped to around Rp. 1.9 million. Half a cheer, we were soon making a purchase over the internet. Luckily they accept payment by credit card. Thank God we could get cheap tickets as well as the opportunity to walk-jelan moment in the Malaysian capital.

Checked in Pekanbaru, we only got a half hour's before the flight to Kuala Lumpur to take off. There are two suitcases weighing luggage, we turned out excess items 9 pounds. Did not have enough time to unpack and move it in the bag most of the cabin, with a heavy heart, we pay the excess of Rp. 45 thousand per kilogram. A valuable lesson for us. That better order more luggage when purchasing tickets through the Internet. Instead of paying the excess baggage of more three times the price per internet booking.

Thankfully the plane took off on time. Aircraft interior conditions are not much different from the cheap planes in Europe. Forty-five minutes flight Pekanbaru - Kuala Lumpur was very short. We were greeted at the airport heat LCCT Kuala Lumpur. The airport was built as a hangout said airlines flights to and from Kuala Lumpur. Very large airports. Planes owned by AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Tiger, rows there. Distance between the falling passenger and arrival stations far enough and have to go on foot.

Atmosphere before departure to Surabaya more complicated. Although the on-screen announcement at the check-in area plastered booth number for the flight to Surabaya, in the area of ​​reality says otherwise. In the window that is open all written Indonesian All Destination. Passengers are free to choose the counter. Hundreds or even ribuah passengers had to queue up in front of the counters. Initially we chose the booth number 3. But then, asked to move by an officer, because the counter is used to check these planes Palembang majors who will soon depart.

Grumbling, we moved to another booth behind dozens of other passengers. The system is in our opinion not good. Only a tiny fraction of the booth is open for all flight to Indonesia. Snaking queue of passengers, so we got worried, going to board the plane on time. Departure time remaining one hour. Not a few of the passengers became impatient that was screaming at the officers. Shortly thereafter, the officers summoned the passengers destination Denpasar and Jakarta into a special counter. Their plane took off half an hour later. However, a lot of which have not been checked. Dozens ran towards the counter question.

Half an hour before departure, we arrived at the boarding gate. This place is a spacious lounge area with boarding gates in the form of numbered doors. When the door is opened T7, many passengers queuing to Surabaya. The monitor said it showed Surabaya, but apparently we returned disappointed. Passengers Makassar goal first set. Some of the late reprimanded by the officer. According to you, this is apparently not the fault of passengers only. AirAsia check-in system applied not suitable for passengers who like to go at the last minute. Prospective passengers must check in at least 3 hours before take-off so as not to rush.

Aircraft interior direction of Surabaya look new. The seats look more comfortable. Nearly three-hour journey passed smoothly. Thankfully my first and second we use this fun airline.


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