Fill Your Holiday With Cheerfulness, Pathways Most Beautiful Bike in Germany

Fill your holiday with cheerfulness, Pathways Most Beautiful Bike in Germany. The temperature was getting warmer. At times like these more and more people spend time outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. they perform various activities. Not only the roads, but also other active activities such as hiking, walking past the exotic routes, and cycling. Cycling to enjoy the ocean air is not only healthy, even people can travel green. In Germany, there are about 200 special bike lane. Every year the German Bicycle Club (ADFC) selecting the best bike path this country.

Elberadweg (Bike Route Elba)From Schoena or Bad Schandau to Cuxhaven or Brunsbuettel, 860 kilometers
Elberadweg actually not among the best version of the ADFC, but it is the most preferred route bike lanes. First bike lovers must decide: Is it going to pass on the left side or the right route. Or from the left and then back through the right or vice versa. Or it can cross the river on the way so they can see the River Elba from a different perspective. Because of the preferred route, many bicycle tourists can not decide. by ADFC, the route is bypassed by 145 thousand penyepeda year. They spend an average of 9 days, and spent 60 euros per day per person in cities ynag passed Elba River: Dresden, Magdeburg and Hamburg. Also small towns such as Wittenberg, Hitzacker and Glueckstadt. One more tip for tourists: the wind can blow back more often they take the route of the estuary towards spring Elba.

Mainradweg (Route Bike Main)From Bischofgruen or Creussen to Mainz, 600 kilometers
A long-distance bicycle routes ynag make the bike travelers confused to choose. Are willing to start at Bischofgruen, in the spring or in the Main River Creussen White, Red Main River springs. Who will pass the start of Creussen Wuerzburg, Frankfurt and Bayreuth. Main White River flows from Fichtel Mountains. Between Kulmbach and Mainleus two small rivers meet and flow into the River Main colorless to meet with the Rhine. This bike routes including best category ADFC.
Weser-Radweg (Bike Route Weser River)From Hannoversch Muenden to Cuxhaven, 491 kilometers.

Weser River bike route is also one of the favorite long-distance cycle routes in the country. In a city full of Fachwerkstatt (bony medieval wooden houses), Hannoversch Muenden, which of the two rivers Fulda and Werra join the Weser, was the starting point for bike tours start on this path. Almost without inclines sometimes leads to the right, sometimes to the left, the river flows into the North Coast of Germany. As a place to rest, there are many small towns on the banks of the Weser has many historic old town. As Hoexter, Hameln, Minden and Bremerhaven. Who wants to drive a bike with a more comfortable, can deposit the goods in tourist-bus-bike. The residence time in the north used to be, we never dreamed one day cycling on the edge of the beautiful Weser.

Lahntalradweg (Lahn Valley Bike Route)From Nethpen to Lahnstein, 244 kilometers
Lahn river flows from the mountains toward the Rhein Rothaargebirge. On the side along the river will be found many remains of the ruins of palaces, monasteries, and castles gereaj. Bike travelers can stop in the university town of Giessen or Marburg. Or in smaller cities such as Vilmar, Limburg or Nassau. Lahn River springs surrounded by hills. Half the bike route is in the forest and climbs Taunus and Westerwald. This long distance bike routes has twice given four out of five stars by AFDC.

Oder-Neisse-Radweg (Oder-Neisse Bike Route)From Nova Ves near Jablonec (Czech Republic) to Ueckermuende, 540 kilometers
This bike route is in two streams peuh history, who used to work as an unbridgeable boundary between East and West. The first few miles were in the Republic. Then the tourists Hartau or bike to Zittau, the first cities in Germany. This route headed west, through the border town of Gubin, Eisenhuettenstadt and Frankfurt / / Oder. After leaving the big city, the atmosphere of the interior is much less pronounced.

Radweg Donau (Danube River Bike Routes / Danube)From Donauschingen to Passau, 674 kilometers

The Danube bike route is part of Euroveloroute No. 6, which stretches from the Atlantic to the Black Sea. This route has a pretty good road. The river Danube flows from Donauschingen, where spring water is collected in a tub in the courtyard palaces in the 18th century. At the beginning of the route, the tourists must pass through several hill bikes, because the Danube valley is relatively narrow. From here the view of the river is very charming. In Beuron and Sigmaringen people can once toured several castles. then Donau be getting wider, the mountains appear lower. But the buildings in the cities by the river in Ulm, Ingolstadt and Regensburg still charming. In Passau, the Danube River meets the River Inn and Ilz, to then continue the flow across Austria.

Neckartal-Radweg (Neckar Valley Bike Route)From Villingen-Schwennigen to Mannheim, 363 kilometers

The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg is a paradise for lovers of bicycles. Here there are 17 routes with good roads and a full gig. One of them is Neckartal-Radweg. River Neckar originated from a small stream. new Rottweiler he turned into a larger river. Rottenburg and Tuebingen is a cultural summit on this route. Usually people prefer a quick pass through Stuttgart and want to get back to a more natural atmosphere. At the end of the tour which lasted about four days, the foothill be rising, and banyka found traces of the fort. From Odenwald people drive towards Heidenheim, then continue to Mannheim.

Altmuehltalradweg (Route Sepedan Altmuehl Valley)Of Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Kelheim, 248 kilometers
Travelers from the United States and Asia almost never miss Rothenburg ob der Tauber as a place that must be visited when they pay a visit to Europe. Create tourist bike, long-distance routes through Altmuehl Valley is a classic destination. Initially Altmuehl river flows quietly, in a National Park Altmuehltal people can bike without a motor vehicle impaired. Starting Papenheim, river narrows, rocks by the river uphill. Eichstaett baroque style city is the main stops. Like many former castle and fortress in the valley of river widening. When the river Altmuehl then reached the mouth of the Danube, then one could immediately terminate or continue the journey melelaui tour route Donau-Radweg.

Oder-Spree-TourFrom Fuerstenwalde to Fuerstenwalde, 246 kilometers
One round of this route was given a 4 star by AFDC. The route through the two national parks. Zisterzienser baroque monastery became wonderfully interesting tourist attraction. From the Valley Schlaube then walked to Beeskow, the historic city. In the resort Bad Saarow, bicycle tourists can unwind in their hot springs.

Das Liebliche TaubertalOf Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, 260 kilometers
This is one of the best bike routes in the Republic of Germany. Awarded 5 stars by AFDC. And from there since more than 25 years ago. This circular route consists of two parts: Navigating der Tauber, people do not see a lot of climbs, from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, through Tauberbischofsheim to Wertheim. Tauber River empties into the River Main. Then the road began to climb. At the height of Tauberfranken person must have excellent physical abilities - through Kuelsheim, Assamstadt and Niederstetten, then back to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Emsradweg (Ems River Bike Route)From Hoevelhof to Emden, 375 kilometers
The route starts from the Forest Teutoburger, getting four stars ADFC. Almost no significant climbs, this tour starts from the spring to the mouth of the River Ems in Germany Northern Beaches. So this route is considered friendly for families. From the Bielefeld and Paderborn through Muensterland, one would see many water palaces. In Emsland, widening water bodies, and in Ostfriesland, maritime atmosphere will be felt.

Saarradweg (Bike Route Saar)From Sarreguemines (France) to Konz (98 miles)

The state of Saarland has 3 long-distance bicycle routes berpetunjuk. Compared Saarland-Radweg and Saar-Bostal-Radweg, Saarradweg is the shortest. From the border with France, the road leveled off at the edge of the river to the mouth of the Mosel Saar. After the start of the French, and the journey will pass Saarbruecken in Voelklinger Huette in Saarlouis (founded by King Ludwig XIV). In turn Saar behind Merzig people can drive a bike slowly while enjoying the scenery. After passing Mettlach, trip ends in Konz.


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