Feeling the Cold Aura City Bremen, Germany

Feeling the Cold Aura City Bremen, Germany. Late last week, we went to Bremen again. Visiting an old friend. Nearly six and a half hours we spent riding the train down economy. Thirteen hours away and go home. Capitalized weekend ticket from Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway company.

Saturday's weather was overcast and cool. Weather forecasts say that at the end of the week temperatures will be close to freezing. The train from Duren to Wunstorf still pretty quiet in the morning. But it was already crowded when the afternoon. Luckily we were still able to sit on routes Wunstorf - Bremen.
Feeling the Cold Aura City Bremen, Germany.

I do not know why so many people go to Bremen on Saturday. Bremen central station no less crowded. It's hard to bring a baby stroller. We walked with a speed of one or two steps per minute. Up until the outside of the station too, thousands of people are still crowding the place. Usually Bremen look crowded if there Bundesliga football match. But not many football fans that we see commonly used attributes of their favorite teams.

Driving the tram to the old town, the state did not improve. Still crammed. Outside thousands flocked to the town center. Hey there this pakah hell, we thought. Not usually Bremen like this. Even though it was Christmas market, is not as busy as normal.

Before visiting his friend, we want to first to the city center. Enjoy the beautiful back atmosphere Bremen. The town hall, Roland, Bremen musician bronze sculpture aka Bremer Stadtmusikanten. And Schnoor area with tiny old houses.

What is the expectation not comparable with reality. Crammed with thousands of people at the Christmas market in Bremen marktplatz, of course we can not freely take pictures and record one of the most beautiful places in Germany. Palagi relentless cold wind blows. Complete failure of the plan was that afternoon. Finally we just record a moment marktplatz atmosphere, which is also connected to Schnoor solid minute, then immediately went from there. It was better to come to Bremen when the city was not too crowded. To make your beauty more easily recorded.


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