Fascinated Beauty Castle Schloss Pillnitz, Dresden

Traveled and Fascinated Beauty Castle Schloss Pillnitz, DresdenWhile in Dresden, family travelers are not only invited to explore the old town and the new course. Visit absorbed into beautiful buildings in the Schloss Pillnitz in the package is free. Visit enhancer knowledge. Guides to know the ins and outs of complex ancient nobility resident to detail. No need to read any travel guide can tell us a lot about the building on the banks of the River Elba, in the city of Dresden.

Schloss (palace) Pillnitz is actually a complex with beautiful palaces and gardens are spectacular. Changing owners, and construction is carried out in several phases. In the years 1720 to 1723 the Palace was built right on the banks of river water Elba, with stone steps down to the water immediately. We also take pictures on the steps. Near the big fish that swim close to the steps of the palace. A year later, standing Bukit Istana. Next is the Orangerie (glass buildings), Englischer Garten (English Garden) and Englischen Pavillon (Pavilion), tree planting Kamelia, Chinescher Garten (Chinese Garden) and Chinesischer Pavillon (Pyvilyun China), as well as the Palm House. Everything going on since the age of seven to eighteen.
Traveled and Fascinated Beauty Castle Schloss Pillnitz, Dresden,  A truly beautiful palaces in mainland europe.

Pillnitz itself is located on the outskirts of the city of Dresden. A modern tram took us up to the nearest stop. Because of its location across the river, there is a small boat available for visitors to cross.
Traveled and Fascinated Beauty Castle Schloss Pillnitz, Dresden,  See you are interested please visit Schloss Pillnitz, Dresden.

We started the tour of the Palace of Air rococo style, enjoy the carvings on the roof and walls. There is a tourist information and souvenirs sellers on the inside. As well as selling tickets for those who want to get into the inside of the palace buildings. Occasionally we observe ships passing in front of the palace. Log in to the beautiful flower garden surrounded by magnificent castles and pools of water spurting right in the middle, it was truly indescribable. Besides the magnificent complex is very well maintained. Colorful flowers blooming in late summer. We satisfy ourselves photographed in the park. Occasional peek into the UK and China pavilion contains many sculptures and other art objects.

Tour continues into the trees behind the palace complex. The guide told me to continue the story of Pillnitz. That was once one of the buildings on fire. Kamelia tree over 200 years old that are still blooming beautifully until now. The tree flowers is one of the four tree gift from the Kingdom of Sweden. In winter, the tree is covered with a giant greenhouse. Stop by while sitting on the edge of a duck pond full sebuh, we walked to the bus stop through the streets full of shady almond trees (Kastania). Cool events, cool people.


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