Fantastic, Indonesia's capital Jakarta Can Beat New York

Indonesia's capital Jakarta Can Beat New York
New York, Jakarta could be like New York. Yes, this is not a dream and not a mere wishful thinking. All could be true, of course, with determination and hard work.

Turning New York, The Big Apple may see the future Jakarta. Jakarta's traffic rules and public transportation is convenient. Also minimal crime, as a 24-hour police guard at the corner of the city.

Well, the story about the 'resurrection' New York began in 1993, when Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani was elected mayor. Previously, New York thick with the feel of violence. Mafia and prostitution, drugs are also common in the corners of the city.

"First Times Square, many actors pickpocketing, prostitution. Was prone areas," said Aziz, a citizen who has a 15-year stay in New York while accompanying headline tour, late last September 2012.

Giuliani, known for cleaning crime. He deployed police and prosecutors wipe out the mafia. He also cleared the bronx area of ​​street violence.

"So here it is, people please do anything, just do not do crime. Hitting people, directly to jail," Aziz added.

After 2 times elected, Giuliani in 2001 replaced Michael Bloomberg. In contrast with the background prosecutor Giuliani, Bloomberg is a businessman, New York conjure a more sparkling.

Times Square is now a tourist center. "Want to find people talking with any language, there," said Marco a citizen who has 13 years in New York.

Times Square is only a few that changed. Prone areas for New York is now the center of the crowd, can be seen during the celebration of the new year. Millions of people in Times Square tumplek.

One more, right in the middle of Times Square, perched a police station or headquarters of the NYPD. So it is guaranteed safe.
Then, too, the public transport. Do not worry about the comfort. Subway and buses are available 24 hours. With a cost of U.S. $ 2.5, you can explore the city.

For bus, metro ticket card that can be obtained from vending machines or mini market is only used at a time. If for subway, can be used to any direction, as long as it is not out of the door of the station area and the outer limit. Ticket was used for one swipe, opening the entrance to the station.

About the streets do not ask, rare bike here. The streets filled with personal vehicles and the typical yellow cab New York. Pedestrian area for pedestrians vast. Cozy, comfortable once on foot in this city.

Well, the traffic signs were very firmly set. Almost no one dared violate the driver. CCTV was everywhere. Pedestrian also highly regarded.

Problem parking not carelessly. Indeed, there is no parking attendants here, but once parked haphazardly, knew it was coming menilang officer. In fact, all of a sudden the car towed NYPD.

Jakarta can be like New York, can even defeat. Of course with hard work and willpower, courage paramount.

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